19 December 2012

Rustic Lake Engagement Session by Briana Moore Photography

I'm so excited to share this rustic lake engagement session from Briana Moore Photography with y'all! There are tons of photos in this feature because I couldn't narrow down to just a few - I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing this session with me, Briana!

From Briana: It has a very rustic/americana vibe... but everything we did has deep significance to the couple. These 2 are lovely. :) Also, the bride works in the industry (Maggie Sottero/Bari Jay Rep), so be on the look out for a beautiful wedding next summer! For Guy & Shannon, Lake Winnipesaukee is home. These waters are brimming with memories of care-free childhood and blossoming love. This year, their past and future were joined together on a fateful canoe ride. Floating peacefully, Guy proposed to Shannon, and her response was a promise to much more than just marriage. It was a commitment forever rooting them to the lake. This will one day be the place they can teach their children to swim. Their grandchildren will drive over the bridge and point out where their wild elders took a sunrise jump into brisk waters, while they were still caught up in young love. The lake is a part of them, and their loving legacy will be a part of the lake

Their love story: Our story is better told by my FiancĂ©, explaining his vision of his middle school friend's older sister is one for the books. From my point of view, Guy was always one of my favorites of my brother's friends growing up. He would walk into our house with a big smile and his arms out for hugs then disappear into the basement with the arcade games and the drum set. Every once in a while we would catch each other's glance but never considered each other as anything more than friends. Years passed and we were finally both in places in our lives where we could finally be honest with those deep-down feelings we were dancing around for so long. After some flirting and shaking off the shock of what was going on, Guy asked me out on a real date. As a respectful friend, he asked my brother's permission, of course, and was given immediate approval. Guy and I both realized we had something we have never had before: true, deep down, butterfly causing, squeeze so tight it hurts-kind of love. We had become one big family and could not be happier about how we got there.

The proposal: Guy had planned our engagement out all on his own. He specifically chose all of the elements to his proposal and executed it all perfectly, down to the sandwiches. My whole family was up at our Lake Winnipesaukee house for Memorial Day weekend, 2012. His sister and new brother in-law were visiting for the first time. The weekend began with the yearly clean-up before summer were Guy found an opportunity to ask for my hand in marriage from my late father and his friend, my brother. A blessing from my brother and an unforgettable line from my dad later, Guy was all smiles. We were enjoying the sun by the lake and decided to have a quick lunch. Danielle and I make up some sandwiches but Guy declines a sandwich stating, "We can have sandwiches any time...do you want to go for a canoe ride?" Danielle and Paul chuckle while I remain oblivious to all of the nerves that were seeping out. Guy, our dog Lady, and I paddle away while the rest of our family waits patiently on the beach for our return. After some small talk, about half way around an island, Guy steadily makes his way towards me in the canoe. He was able to remove the ring from his board shorts, peel off the plastic bubble he had wrapped around it, and got down on his knee. I was so thrilled, I can barely recall the words we exchanged. I do remember exclaiming, "YES!" There were tears and laughs all while Lady sat patiently wedged between us in the front of the canoe. As Guy continued our ride around the island and towards the shore, our family held up signs, "CONGRATS GUY & SHANNON!", "YOU'RE ENGAGED!" As soon as our feet hit the land there were bottles of champagne and cake waiting for us. It was a memorable weekend that everyone involved will cherish, a great way to kick off the summer.

About their engagement session: We asked Briana and her husband James to come up to the lake for an overnight in July to help us capture the spirit of our engagement. We brainstormed ideas for locations, outfits, props, and ways to keep the cameras dry. We were able to include my parents to provide the varying modes of transportation like the classic Ford truck and the boat Briana was in to get some great shots of our bridge jump. We are so lucky to have a photographer with such a great personality. She and James made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera over the two days of shooting. Our time spent together taking these photos has been one of my favorite memories. I am so happy to have these beautiful images to look back on for so many reasons.

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