18 December 2012

San Francisco Engagement Session by Kristen Booth Photography

I love every.single.thing. about this engagement session the ever so talented Kristen Booth shared with me. Y'all know that I love me pretty outdoor, nature-y engagement sessions and this is that AND more. This couple is the cutest and their engagement session just makes me want to give them big hugs (in a totally non-creepy way.. lol) :) Enjoy!

From the couple: I (Kitty) first learned about Kristen Booth from a blog post on where she did an engagement session. I loved everything about the session from the warm colors to the outdoor setting, I suppose the adorable couple helped as well. From that point I KNEW I we had to either fly down to Southern California or have Kristen come up to San Francisco. Week's later, things worked out and Kristen went out of her way to come to SF. Kristen allowed us to pick our location and we chose Trojan Point in the Marin Headlands. Nick is a big ultra marathon runner and he spent majority of his training time in the Headlands so this place was very significant to him (not to mention, extremely beautiful). We wanted the session to feel comfortable so we brought a bunch of decor straight out of our living room including a chair, our suitcase side table, vases and old books. My favorite part was watching Nick carry the chair to the top of the hill. His silhouette with a huge chair on his shoulder and the sky in the background was so breathtaking. We also brought a kite Nick and I had purchased on one of our date nights while we were dating and last minute decided to fly it on the top of the mountain. Those pictures were probably my favorites! Working with Kristen was every couple's dream come true. The entire session was comfortable and extremely fun! She had stories to tell and kept us laughing the entire time - by the end of the session we felt like we gained a new friend! From the very beginning, we trusted everything she had to say because we knew she did amazing work and that could not have been any more true after seeing our engagement session. Thank you so much Kristen!!

Their love story: In 2008, Nick and I started at a Digital Agency in Boston within a week's time. I remember the first day he walked into the office, a colleague asked "Isn't the new guy hot?" and to be honest, I was not interested so I responded "Not my type." Because we started at the same time, we were put on all the same projects. As co-workers, we learned how to work together as a team and have open communication. I would say this is when I learned most about Nick's calm demeanor and charming personality. Through our various Skype chats, ‘status’ meetings and Friday Happy Hours I eventually developed a HUGE crush on Nick (or "Mr. C", as I'd reference him in secret to my friends). Our first ‘date’ was actually the day before we even started dating. We spent 4 hours playing at Ikea, got ice cream, watched the movie: Paper Heart and sat in a tiny theater talking for 3 hours after the movie ended. When he dropped me off, I invited him over but he rejected me. I was so sad but I suppose it eventually worked out. Not a very typical first date but we are also not a very typical couple.

The proposal: Our 2 year anniversary was coming up and Kitty asked if we could cook a simple meal and eat with the TV off. My answer? ‘Of course not’. On September 24th, I had planned to take Kitty 2 hours North of San Francisco for a small getaway. We hit a bit of unexpected traffic, but finally arrived in the little sleepy, seaside town of Bodega Bay. Known for clam chowder and Alfred's Hitchcock's "The Birds" filmed in 1963. We first arrived at the hotel, where I had the room prepped with roses, candy and champagne in their biggest suite. The first trick was to get to the hotel, but make sure they told us the room would NOT be ready. It was then the nice woman at the front desk said it would be great to grab some lunch at a clam chowder shop on the beach and then head to the end of the island to see the spectacular views. So, our (planned) detour, first led us to Sam's Clam Chowder, a pretty damn good bowl of chowder. As we became extremely full, we decided to go for a hike at the end of the island where the bay met the ocean. Kitty came in her lace shorts and tank top, not really suitable for the especially cold day so she put on my oversized fleece jacket and changed into yoga pants (Kitty would later blame me for allowing her to dress the way she did for this momentous occasion). We hit the point over the rocks where a sign said " No Access", but we decided to keep going and climbed up and down massive rocks into an area where the water from the sea was crashing on the rocks. With no possibility of going any further, we started to talk about the past three years and all the moments in between. Kitty started to get cold and had asked to leave. Realizing this was my opportunity, I told her I had to ask her a question. After a few tears and some of the most heart-felt words we'd ever exchanged, I asked Kitty to marry me and she screamed. The next morning, Kitty expected to head back to the city to share the news with her parents over lunch but what she didn’t know was her close relatives and friends we also there to celebrate! That night, we went home and I made Kitty a home-cooked meal so we could take everything in. After all, it was all she wanted for our anniversary weekend.

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