29 January 2013

UCLA Engagement Session by Janelle Marina

Alright.. how cute is this UCLA engagement session by Janelle Marina Photography? Aren't these two just adorable? I'm totally loving their outfits - so perfect for the location! Janelle, thank you for sharing this shoot with us!

From the couple: We took the photo's at UCLA which is Ha's college. We were very comfortable with Janelle she made us laugh and enjoy the whole experience because usually I am camera shy but I had so much fun and our photos came out amazing!

Their love story: Ha and I started dating after he graduated from high school. At first I never thought Ha would fall for me but little did I know that he was quite smitten with me. He was shy at first, wouldn't sit with me so I had to ask him to come sit closer to me while watching a tennis game. We started our relationship after a bad joke that I told him and ended calling him personally to apologize after realizing it wasn't funny at all. After two nights of talking on the phone until 6am in the morning and having tired laughs about the little things in life i thought to myself this guy is pretty brilliant. Ha left for Montana a week later and realized that he missed me and hence the question every boy crazy girl wanted popped out of his mouth. He asked me to be his girlfriend. It has been a blissful seven years that of course like every healthy couple we have had our share of difficulties along the way but somehow we always managed to get back on track. I don't like to boast or anything but I feel like I am the luckiest girl because I have the greatest guy.

The proposal: Ha's Version it was on the 2nd of July and i just woke up from my camping night. I knew i had a long day ahead, but i was excited because it was THE day. we got our things packed and ready to go hiking up yosemite hills; a long 7 mile hike which we encountered hundreds of people, steep, narrow trails, and two beautiful waterfalls. it was then, at the top of the waterfall, when i made my move, THE move, to end my single status and momentarily be tagged as a "FiancĂ©" until I become a husband. But lo and behold, I forgot the ring!!! UGH! Such an idiot I was! Such a beautiful scene wasted! I had my chance to propose in front of 100 or so hikers! But, the idea crept in my mind..."Did I lose the ring?" DOUBLE UGH! The thought of that while hiking killed my mojo. What should have been an awesome day now become a huge worry and downer. I retraced my steps, looking for the bright red box, but I knew I was doomed. I could not find it. Sucks to be me, right? Wrong! I raced down the hill, all 3.5 miles, caught a bus that would take me the campsite, and rummage through my stuff...and there it was...that bright red box, with that nice shiny diamond ring. PHEW! now, I tell people that it wasn't my original plan to propose on top of a waterfall, but you know why I didn't do...because I didn't have the ring! But I had my second chance. Eight months ago, while we were planning this trip with my family, I decided to reserve a table at a restaurant located at one of the lodges near Yosemite. Thank goodness I remembered I had this reservation. So, I told Kimberly we're going to dinner, and she was like "Why? We have plenty of food at the campsite." She had a smile on her face, she already knew what was going to happen. So, we get to our table and before we ordered food, she gave me a gift. It was our anniversary, so I received a card that details love, commitment, happiness, and pure awesomeness! I loved it, but I had to out do her. I DID NOT get down on one knee!! I pulled out the ring and I said, "well, we might as well make this official." Was it expected on this day? OF COURSE! 7 year anniversary, the 7 year itch, and no engagement? SHOT DOWN! Lets just say, we were internally happy that night.

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