18 January 2013

Inspirational Shoot Contest

I am so excited to announce Le Magnifique's first Inspirational Shoot Contest of 2013. I've been thinking hard about what I want for this contest and after banging my head more than I'd like to admit, I've finally got it down. Ready for this? Here we go... :D

To create an inspirational wedding shoot based on a movie or book with a love theme. You can choose whichever movie or book you fancy but the main goal is to create a wedding shoot inspired by the movie or book you select.

There are so many options for you out there and you can see some popular ones in the image above. Which movie or book are you going to choose?

1. Submit an application/proposal outlining your concept and sharing with me your inspiration board by Wednesday, January 30, 2013. Only wedding photographers may apply. Part of the application is to include a mood/inspiration board. Be sure to create a collage of images that will serve as an inspiration board for the movie/book theme you are proposing.
2. My team and I will review all applications/proposals and select 5 entries that we would like to see created. Winning applicants will then be notified by email by Saturday, February 2, 2013.
3. Put together a team a wedding professionals who will help you bring your vision to life.
4. You will have until Friday, May 17, 2013 to complete and submit your entire shoot.
5. Winner and runner-up will be announced on Monday, June 3, 2013.

1. Only wedding photographers may submit an application/proposal.
2. Submissions must consist of 100-150 images.
3. Shoot must be completed and submitted no later than Friday, May 17, 2013.
4. Shoot must have the following: bride or bride/groom models, a tablescape, a cake, a bouquet/boutonniere, an invitation suite, and at least 3 decor items that is unique to your selected movie/book theme. You are more than welcome and actually encouraged to have other details/elements not mentioned above (ex: escort cards, bridesmaids/groomsmen, dessert table, party favors, and other decor).
5. Grand-prize winner and up to 4 vendors will receive 6 months of front page advertising on Le Magnifique (a total prize value of $2,250). Runner-up winner and up to 4 vendors will receive 3 months of front page advertising on Le Magnifique (a total prize value of $1,125). You are allowed to have more than 4 vendors collaborating on the shoot, however, only 4 will be eligible for prizes. Photographer must select the 4 vendors.
6. Winner and runners-up will be determined by my team and I. Winning shoots will be selected based on the overall concept of the shoot and how well it was executed. The number of comments on each feature, total FB "likes" on the posts, and pinned images will also be taken into consideration.


In order to participate in this contest, an application/proposal MUST be submitted in the timeframe given. No exceptions. If a shoot is submitted and it has not gone through the application process, it will not be considered. Also, past shoots are will NOT be accepted. Shoot must take place during the allotted timeframe.

Teams are encouraged to share on their blog and favorite form of social media about their participation in the contest. However, no photographs of the submission may be published on any blog, including your own, or on any form of social media prior to publication on Le Magnifique. Publication prior to the unveiling of your concept on Le Magnifique will void your submission. Lastly, please do not blog images from the shoot until AFTER the winners have been selected. Teams may blog about their feature on Le Magnifique, but again, may not post images from the shoot until after winners have been announced. 

We will email the winners when your concept has been blogged, and at that point, you are encouraged to tell the whole world about your shoot! :D

*Shoots may not be submitted elsewhere after it has been featured on Le Magnifique*

Please email any questions about contest rules to damaris@lemagnifiqueblog.com

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