24 January 2013

Oceanfront Amusement Park Engagement Session by Vilchis Squared

I love fun engagement sessions and I sure do love me some balloons! This engagement session by Vilchis Squared took place at Belmont Park in San Diego and a couple other surrounding areas. If you've ever been to San Diego, you know it's just beautiful there! Be sure to check out all the photos to see how much fun this engagement session must have been!

From the couple: We wanted to do something different and fun for our engagement shoot. We chose to do a 50s theme at Belmont Park and a more romantic theme at Balboa Park, both in San Diego. It was really fun and our photographer was great! She was very open to our input and very fast with returning the finished product!

Their love story: We met at North Central University located in Minneapolis, MN. Jesus being from Milwaukee, WI and Tawsha from San Diego, CA. At the time Jesus was a sophomore and Tawsha was a new freshman. During the previous school year Jesus lived on the One West floor in Phillipps Hall. The following year the school turned One West into a girl's floor where Tawsha lived the following year. At the start of the year the school hosts an event called "Funky Night." The girls of One West dressed up as the guys from the previous year. Tawsha, being Hispanic, by default was given Jesus to dress up as. That was the first encounter. That semester we got to know each other more and began dating January 13th, 2010. Tawsha: The first time i rode in the car with Jesus he turned on a highschool musical song and began dancing and singing to it. I had never met anyone who was willing to be that goofy in the car as me, i remember looking at him with such admiration and i knew he had to be the one. That song will now be our first dance song ("Can I Have This Dance").

The proposal: It was Saturday, October 6th, 2012. We were going to a park to enjoy the day. We were sitting down on the stage in Harriett Island, St. Paul where we had our first kiss in the rain and were reminiscing. There was a guy behind us who was drawing the scenery. As the man got up to leave Jesus asked him if we could see what he had drawn. He showed us three pictures and in the last one, we had slightly been in the corner. He had told us we were the inspiration for that one. He then asked if he could possibly draw our faces. we were excited and said of course. So we sat as he drew us. He finally finished and asked if we had wanted to see it. We stood up and said yes. He turned it around and it was a picture of us with Jesus on one knee with a bubble that said "My Tawsha, will you Marry Me?" Tawsha was completely oblivious at first and responded "awe that's cute...wait what?" She turned around and Jesus was on one knee with a ring. Some of our good friends and Jesus' brother came running down the hill behind us where they had hid. We then went to celebrate at Benihanas!

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