24 January 2013

Outdoor Engagement Session by Sun and Sparrow Photography

I'm loving this simple outdoor engagement session from Sun and Sparrow Photography. The couple included their dog, Manny, in their shoot who is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing this engagement session with me!

From the couple: Booking with Sun and Sparrow was the easiest decision we've made in regards to our wedding! Tiffani was so fun to work with! She knew great areas for a lot of different looks. David hates to have his picture taken and he was all smiles thanks to Tiffani! :) She made it relaxing and natural and made us feel very comfortable, opposed to a constant pose this way and that way! We all had a great time (even our dog Manny)! We will definitely be booking all of our future photos with her!!

Their love story: David and I knew each other for 8 years before he asked me out. It caught me off guard because we had been friends for so long. But we quickly started seeing more of each other and looking past the friendship wall! :) David took me on a romantic date in Ohio City to this amazing little mexican restaurant he had booked 3 weeks in advance! We had the best time! A few weeks later I had mentioned I wanted to go to the ocean! It was spring and I couldn't wait for summer weather! So on a friday night in the middle of the night David said pack a bag we are going to the beach!!! We drove from Ohio to New Jersey, 8 hours through the night, to spend 1 day at the beach!! We couldn't take time off work so the weekend was all we had. We got there and just took a nap in the sun! Exactly what I needed, if only for a day!! At sunset David told me he loved me for the first time and it was perfect! Anyone that would drive 16 hours for 1 day at the beach is amazing! I loved him too!! It was the best summer.

The proposal: We were baby sitting my niece Ellie over night, and she was somewhat of a night owl, so late night David was working on his computer as usual. I was just playing with the baby when David brought up his dream to move to California! We had just vacationed there and I wasn't open to the idea of a permanent move. David just kept going over and over the plus side of California! All the sudden David closed his laptop, grab my hand, and told me he got a great job offer in California, and his dream has always been to move there, but he was only going if I came with him as his wife! He asked me to marry him and I of course said YES!!!

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