22 January 2013

Winter Engagement Session by Sabrina Nohling Photography

From the couple: Tim and I had an amazing session with Sabrina, we were hoping to do a fun winter session and that is exactly what we got. The day of our shoot, as we drove out, the snow began falling. The flakes were just big enough to bring magic to the photos. When we met Sabrina at the location, we weren't sure exactly what to do. We had never had any professional photos done before so we were a little nervous. Sabrina dove right in and told us exactly where to stand how to pose. She made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We could feel her positive energy and excitement about our photos, it only made us more excited and kept the momentum going. Tim and I are so excited about this period of our life - being engaged, and Sabrina captured that and the love we have for each other perfectly.

Their love story: Tim and Abi became friends in church at age 19. They spent the summer of 2008 getting to know each other and in September, Tim told Abi he liked her. They had both grown up in a conservative home and had a careful outlook on relationships. They both felt if they were going to date each other they wanted to take the relationship seriously. It occurred quickly to both of them that they were a perfect match. Over the next 4 years they learned all about each others hopes, dreams, quirks, and cares. Things just seemed to fall in place and the relationship continued to grow. It was at this point they knew they wanted to get married and start a life together. In the beginning of 2012 they decided they wanted to get engaged by the end of the year and married in Spring of 2013. In September of 2012 Tim asked Abi's dad for permission to marry her and set his plan into motion to propose to her in November.

The proposal: There is a song called 'Closest I Get' by Katie Herzig that we want to use for when Abi walks down the aisle on our wedding day. One day in September of 2012, Tim found out that Katie Herzig was coming to Chicago on November 16th. He then thought it would be romantic if he were to propose to Abi at the concert during that song. In the beginning of October, Tim contacted Katie through Facebook not knowing if she would even read his message. However, she did and after a little convincing Tim was able to get her to agree to the idea! With much anticipation, the 16th finally came around. We arrived at the venue early to make sure we would be in the front row and as we waited, Abi started to notice some strange things happening. Tim's hands became cold and sweaty - which never happens! He was also a little more goofy than normal. Although Abi was confused, she wasn't exactly sure what was going on and unaware that the ring was in Tim's pocket the whole time. The time finally came, after waiting in line and standing through the concert for nearly 2 hours Katie started playing 'Closest I Get'. There is a specific part in the song we want to use for our wedding day so Katie stopped right before that section in front of everyone and said, "There's someone here who has something they want to ask somebody...Tim?" The 300+ crowd gasped and silenced as Tim got down on one knee and expressed his love for Abi. He presented the ring and asked, "Will you marry me?" and as soon as Tim gave Katie the thumbs up, Katie yelled, "She said yes!" and finished the song. After the concert Tim told Abi we were going to drive to his house to show his parents the ring, so we drove home from Chicago and as we pulled into Tim's driveway Abi noticed a string of lights starting in the front of the house leading to the back. So Tim took Abi's hand and walked her down the sidewalk leading to the back yard and on the patio was a fire pit, candles, roses, lights, blankets, chairs, wine, tea, a notebook, and a guitar. We sat down and Abi curled up in the blankets as Tim pulled out the notebook. He read to her a letter he had written when he was 15 to his future wife and then took out his guitar. Tim played Abi two songs he had written for her and when he finished, all they could do was cry and sit in awe about the night. They moved to the fire pit where Tim was finally able to relax, knowing he had successfully given Abi everything she hoped for and more.

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