03 January 2013

Winter Love Shoot by Heather Cherie Photography

Can these two be any more adorable? Their smiles are definitely contagious because I'm over here smiling my face off! This lovely love shoot was photographed by Heather Cherie Photography. I adore every single image! Thanks for sharing, Heather!

From the couple: Heather is a wonderful photographer who has the ability to capture each moment authentically and beautifully. She made us laugh, and it was so easy to be ourselves during the entire photo shoot. We walked across a local park with beautiful evergreen trees, and through a field close by as the sun was about to set. She brought some props along such as a blanket and Christmas lights. Wrapping ourselves in the Christmas lights had to be the highlight of the shoot. We couldn't stop laughing and just had fun with them! Someday we hope to have children in which I hope Heather will be able to capture those precious moments as our family grows.

About the couple: We have been married for 6 wonderful years. We love to go on long walks with our dog, travel, watch movies, and find new coffee houses and grab a cup of coffee.

What do you love about your wife? What I love most about my wife are the little idiosyncrasies that make her who she is. It's hard to pinpoint them exactly, but that's what makes her special. Oh and of course the fact that she is beautiful inside and out, always fun to be around, and my best friend.

What do you love about your husband? What I love most about my husband is his infectious smile. He is always positive and can light up any room he goes in. He also has a huge heart, which is what made me fall in love with him. After six years we still never run out of things to talk about. He is truly my closest friend and the love of my life.

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