11 February 2013

Elegant Styled Bride & Groom Shoot by Marissa Lambert Photography

"I wanted to start the year off in the best way possible... by shooting with film. I love everything about film! The softness and color can be truly breathtaking! My idea for the shoot was to create photographs that made you think of love during a southern winter. Our winters in the south are not full of snow, but instead behold something very special. We are left with a bit of greenery, a few red and yellow leaves, and a hint of white from the sky and moss. I love the classy bow-tie and long veil. I believe a long veil coupled with a bow-tie can be so romantic during a wedding and can help create beautiful photographs! I also love the flower hair clip. It truly adds a whimsical feel! And what a beautiful couple! I hope this shoot will also inspire photographers to embrace film and all its glory! :)"
-Marissa Lambert

Photography: Marissa Lambert Photography
Flowers: Heromans
Hair: Dustin Gauthier

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