14 February 2013

A Love Inspired Engagement Session by Be Light Photography

This pretty engagement session was brought to us all the way from one of my favorite Romanian photographers, Be-Light Photography. The beautiful couple, gorgeous scenery, cute props make this shoot just so lovely! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Their love story: 
Ioanis: Our story begins with a wedding where I was invited as a photographer. During the event I saw her...and I was impressed from the very begining by the joyfulness that surrounded her. At the end I took the courage and talked with her. One year later we ended up with our wedding. Since then between us started a happily ever after story... at least thats what we wish. :) 

Denisa: I would say it was love at first sight. His lovely smile, his innocent eyes, black hair, those full lips...my mind was saying desperate: " Stop staring ! Focus on what you have to do !",but my heart was already googling his possible name, identity, other personal information ( you know how curious women are). I didn't wanted to admit that he was about to stole my heart. Soon, his love and attention grew flowers in my heart, pink painted my thoughts, gave wings to my imagination.

The proposal:
Ioanis: Well.. this part was quite full of ideas...and I wanted to do something romantic and original. So I told her that we have a photo session appointment. So we went out to that photo session. It was very cold in that day (december 29), and I decided to go to a coffee house called Mozart. A romantic place with a piano ( she's a pianist ). After a hot dark chocolate (in the light of a candle), I invited her to dance...we did a few steps...i got on my knees and asked her if she wants to be my wife... she replied: "Are you sure?" ;)) YES was my answer! 

Denisa: Getting to know him better day by day, I found out that I can be myself around him (and it was sooo good!) , also that our love comes naturally, that not only exterior we look alike, but also our personalities and hearts match like 2 puzzle pieces. So...in that romantic evening when he proposed.. i was afraid not to confront the idea of a dream. I took a deep breath and I said:"Yes.." with all my heart. Since then, I'm my beloved's and my beloved is mine. :)

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