20 February 2013

Out of the office.

Life never goes as planned. As some of you, I'm pregnant with twins. Currently, I am 35 weeks and 5 days. On Monday, during a routine visit to the hospital, the doctor decided that they needed to keep me in for monitoring. What was supposed to be 4 hours of monitoring turned into 24 hours and now they want me to monitor me until the twins are ready to be born. Both the twins and I are doing great - no problems whatsoever. However, the doctor is aiming to keep me here in the hospital until 37 weeks and deliver the twins then if they don't decide to come before then. I'm just praying I don't go cray cray in the next week and a half.

With all this happening so unexpectedly, all the features I had scheduled for this week and next week (whether submitted via email or Two Bright Lights) will not be published until I get out of the hospital and am able to get some free time to work on the posts.

>> If you have submitted to Le Magnifique via email or Two Bright Lights and were accepted, please know that your submissions will be featured once I am back home (when that will be is unknown at the moment). However, if that is a problem and you want to retract your submission, please let me know via email.

>> If you have submitted to Le Magnifique via email or Two Bright Lights and have not received a reply, you are free to pull your submission to submit elsewhere (but please email us to let us know). If you'd like for LM to review your submission, please resubmit again in April.

I understand that this may have caused an inconvenience to some and I apologize. But I'd still love to feature/review your submissions upon my return.

As far as emails and FB messages are concerned, I will not be answering any until my return.

I hope you all can understand my situation! To all who posted on LM's FB page, thank you for the kind words!

Damaris Mia

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