04 February 2013

Southern California Engagement Session by Brett Hickman Photographers

From the couple about their shoot: "In one word, amazing. We were both nervous since we had never taken professional photos before. Brett made us feel so comfortable. He had such great ideas. He took his time with us and didn't make us feel rushed. He knew where to be in the park at the precise time the lighting was perfect. He is passionate about photography, and it really shines through his work. At the end of our session, Brett waited an extra 30min for it to become nighttime so we could get some bokeh pictues, which ended up being some of our favorites! We felt relieved knowing we could scratch "find a wedding photographer" off our list, Brett is perfect! All of our friends that have seen the photos have asked us who are photographer is."


Their love story: Francesca and I met through a mutual friend Whitney. We met at Inn-n-out eating with some friends. After briefly meeting, Francesca apparently thought she had food on her face, as I could not stop staring. I had never seen someone, or something so beautiful in my entire life. We later messaged each other on myspace, lol, had some dates, and the rest is history.

The proposal: One of our favorite movies is Pixar's UP. We both love the opening scene of the young couple falling in love and happily growing old together. The movie is special to us so I knew that was a good place to start. After brainstorming a few different ideas with my best friend Brian, I decided to do an UP theme proposal in the park. I went to the party store and got a few hundred balloons, a picnic basket and blanket, a bottle of champagne and a portable audio player. On the day of the proposal, Francesca and I went to a morning 5K Walk for Breast Cancer. My friend Brian had been setting up the balloons in the park all morning, and I joined him there as soon as I could. Later in the day she thought I was napping after our 5K walk, and had no idea what was coming. I got a text from her saying " hey, my family is going to irvine regional park for some kids birthday thing, call me if you wanna come" (I set this up with her brother beforehand). 15 minutes later she was there, and I surprised her behind a tree, played the UP theme on a radio, and she said YES. Here is a link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_kvj2tBl2g

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