01 February 2013

Southern California Snowy Engagement Session by Richelle Dante Photography

I just love snowy engagement sessions and wish I could feature more of them. How adorable are these two? This Southern California snowy engagement session was photographed by Richelle Dante Photography who did a wonderful job capturing the love between these two!

From the couple: Because David and I had gotten engaged in the fall and our wedding will be in December this year, we wanted to have a "wintery" engagement shoot. Being from California it isn't always easy to be "wintery" but our wonderful photographer made the suggestion to head up to the mountains. So we did just that! There was a chance of rain so we were worried that there was going to be slush not snow but we lucked out. It snowed slightly during the shoot and it was beautiful and white. Although it was freezing outside it was all worth it:)

Their love story: I (Molly) finished college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in May 2010 and made my way back home to California. David's sister and my sister had become friends through figure skating together. Our families had also become close friends through skating as well. I was also a figure skater and had met David's sisters but never knew that they had a brother. Near the end of my senior year of college David's sister came to visit me and my sister (who was now attending Miami University as well) and when she returned home she mentioned to her mom that she thought me and David would be great together. When I got back home we were attending graduations and birthday parties for all of our figure skating friends so I started to see David and his family more and more. Also, because our sisters were such good friends they were hanging out and we would be there with them. David's mom wanted us to date from the very beginning but my mom told her it would never happen because "the mom's were friends" and he is a couple years younger than me. I wasn't so sure about the age difference either;) I spent the fourth of July with his family that summer and after that night along with the other get togethers we had been at, I began to like David. Within the following week he asked me to go on a date with him. The more dates we went on the more I fell for him and the rest is history!:)

The proposal: I (Molly) went to college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and it is my favorite place in the world. Although I met David when I came back to California after I graduated I had taken him back to Ohio a few times to visit. On one trip back we visited a historic wooden bridge near the campus and he carved our initials into it. A little over a year later, we went back to Ohio to visit my sister and decided to head back to the bridge. On November, 10, 2012 (during our weekend visit) we found our carved initials in the bridge. David found a stick to "carve our initials deeper" and continued by carving: Marry Me? underneath it. He jumped down onto one knee as I read what he had written. When I turned around he popped the question and of course I said yes!!

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