25 March 2013

Cancun Elopement by Paige Jones Photography

"This sweet elopement took place in Cancun. This was truly a celebration of love as its main focus was the bride and groom - there was no fanfare. We walked along the beach to the ceremony site - Petra and Tyler walked ahead of me, holding hands the whole time. We got to the site and took some time to document the two of them, and then the officiant met us down by the water, and the said their vows, sealed with a kiss, and then we walked back to the resort. It was simple, pure and beautiful." 
-Paige Jones 

From the couple: "Soon after we got engaged, we decided we wanted to elope. My entire life I had pictured a big wedding in my head, but when the time came to start planning, it didn't feel like "us". Being fairly young (24) and having just bought our first house put us on a fairly tight budget, so... to Mexico we go!! We wanted to look comfortable and relaxed in our wedding photos, so that was reflected in what we wore. Neither of us are very traditional, so when I found my grey dress online, I fell in l-o-v-e (its actually a bridesmaids dress from jcrew)! Tyler wore simple grey pants, a white button up, and to add a little personality, a to-die-for houndstooth bow tie. Our ceremony was at 5pm, so we had the whole day to relax by the water and lay in the sun. Once we were ready to start our 15 minute walk down the beach, it started to RAIN! We found ourselves running to shelter (a tiny bamboo umbrella that we shared with some men that were selling cigars to people on the beach) and finally, it stopped. We continued our walk and yep, it started again! This time we just kept going, at least it was still warm! We dried out by the time we made it to the location and everyone assured me that my hair looked fine and that it looked very "beachy" now. Finally, the sun came out at the perfect moment, we took our photos, and finally got to say our vows. What I loved most about our wedding day was how relaxed and hassle free it was. It was pure and simple. We didn't have to worry about grandma drinking too much wine, or if uncle Joe is going to start telling war stories durring his reception speech. Instead, we got to concentrate on each other and starting our new life together. Elopements aren't for everyone, but it was absolutely perfect for us!"

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