13 March 2013

Cottage Creek Inn Wedding by Meg Ruth Photography

"We basically gave my mom 5 months to plan our wedding, and she did not think she could do it, also my brother was getting married in September, and they had been planning for a year. But after a lot if convincing, we started making plans. My favorite color of all time is Tiffany blue, and I knew I wanted that to be a color, and Dick liked it too, and what goes better with blue then purple! I googled "blue and purple wedding pallets" and peacock was a big hit with those colors. Also, when I was in junior high, a peacock showed up in our neighborhood, we don't know how or why, but we named her BB, and when peacock became an option for a wedding theme, I went for it in honor of BB. So we had colors and a theme, and I was thinking about my dress. I ended up trying on dresses with my roommates in Utah, while my mom was in WA, and I found the one! But I figured I could find it cheaper somewhere else, and I did online for a fifth of the price, and it came from china 4 months after it was suppose to, folded on a padded envelope... Luckily there was an amazing seamstress in WA that fixed it. Phew. I decided to not have official bridesmaids, just because not everyone could be there, and it would have just been an extra expense, so I gave all my close friends and sisters, if they where going to be there or not, and peacock colored and rine stone hair peice and a letter, and just asked them to match the hair peice if they could come, and I ended up liking it a lot better then having everyone match each other. I called these girls my S.O.B.s ( sort of bridesmaids hehe) Dick also decided to just have his friend wear matching socks, an gave them to all of his close friends, and he called then his G.A.Y.S. ( gentlemanly awesome young studs.. It was a stretch) we also weren't going to have dancing, because our venue was all outside and on grass, so to make our wedding memorable, we decided to both wear garders, so instead of throwing my bouquet, I took Dicks garder off and threw it at all the girls, there was a lot of confused people. But my bouquet was wayyy too pretty to just throw. We also only had cupcakes, and no big cake, because I love cupcakes! We had a small luncheon between our ceremony and reception, and my long time neighbor made this amazing parmesean gatkic shrimp, and we have that almost every christmas ans thanksgiving, and I was so happy all of our friends ans family got to try it! And we picked 3 friends each I give toasts, and it was very special and sweet, and my best childhood friend sang and played her guitar, and I cried like a baby. My mom collected 6 old fashioned type writers, and that is what we used for the sign in book, and each had a question that the guest answered, and it made our book a lot more entertaining. At the end of the reception, the guests made a huge hand tunnel that we ran trough, and that was a fun ending to our fun and relaxed day. It really was perfect, and stress free, and I didn't sweat the details, and I think that helped us enjoy it that much more." -Bride & Groom

Photo credit: Meg Ruth Photography

Ceremony: Seattle LDS Temple // Reception: Cottage Creek Inn // Bridal Gown: David's Bridal // Bride's Shoes: Shoe Dazzle // Bride's Hair: Becca Romney // Groom's Suit: Banana Republic // Groom's Shoes: Nike Air by Colehaan // Florist: Stephanie Holmes (family friend and neighbor) // 
Catering: Tomiko (family friend) // Videographer: Mike Alger (family friend)

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