12 March 2013

Eagle Mountain Park Engagement Session by Rachael Lindsy Photography

"Our engagement session was nothing but absolutely amazing! Rachael Lindsy Photography took our photos at Eagle Mountain Park. Roy and I were nervous at when arriving, but once we started to talk to Rachael, we knew we were in great hands. Rachael helped us relax and when Roy and I were having ordinary conversations, Rachael captured priceless moments. She was very creative and clever through the entire shoot! We didn't want it to end. Rachael had our first peak photograph up in just three hours after the session!! I cannot brag on enough about Rachael Lindsy Photography. We will be using her for our wedding and life events that happen after that. I cannot imagine having anyone else take our pictures, we trust her so much." -The Couple

Their love story: Roy and I met on his birthday on October 2, 2011. He was out with his best friend celebrating and a few tables over sat my best friend and I. Some flirtatious looks and conversations started across the two tables and we went ahead and invited the boys over to sit with us. Roy and I talked for a few hours that night and I remember only hearing our conversation and no one else's. He asked for permission to add me on Facebook that night. He was ecstatic when I said yes. The next week we went on our first date, a picnic at the park. As I walked up I realized that he had brought my favorite fruits to the picnic; raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. He found out I loved those fruits on Facebook :). After that night we texted each other frequently and shortly we were in a relationship. Roy makes me laugh and has made me a stronger women! I love him so much and I strongly believe he holds the values that I admired in my own prince charming dream when I was a little girl. I could not ask for a better man.

The proposal: I knew that a proposal would be coming soon. Roy had taken me to look at wedding rings so he would know what I liked. I told Roy that since I knew it was coming then he had to somehow still surprise me and catch me off-guard. He did a great job of that. Roy was acting weird the night before he proposed and I asked him if he was going to propose to me the next day. Roy denied the question and in return I completely dismissed the thought. The next day Roy took me to the mall to buy our first Christmas ornament. I thought this was strange because we had already spent a Christmas together. While walking to the store, we walked by a photo booth. Roy stopped and says "Oh hey, we have been wanting to do this for awhile! Let's do it!" We get into the photo booth and smile for the first picture, the second picture I close my eyes and give Roy a kiss on the cheek, when I opened my eyes the ring was already out and he asked me to marry him, capturing my response on the next two photos. I was so surprised and of course said YES!! After that we went and got our first Christmas ornament, engraved with "She Said YES!". Clever man.

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