05 March 2013

Newport Beach Engagement Session by Closer to Love Photography & Design

From the couple: We couldn't have been more excited to have an E-Session with Closer to Love. We are ABSOLUTELY blown away by the timeless joy and beauty captured in our Engagement photos! We worked with variety of landscapes and environments to take the pictures in, and we were blessed with vibrant and breathtaking images beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you CTL!!!

Their love story: We hope we will never forget how we fell in love. While at the beach one Friday night, Octavian ran into some youth from Bethel who invited him to youth night the next Sunday. Between Friday and Sunday, somehow Liana hear about Octavian and that he would be coming to church so he can meet her. We have a list of some elderly ladies who may have had a hand in the miscommunication. As the story goes, after the youth service that Sunday night, Octavian made his way into the courtyard to find the youth who had invited him to church that night. At the same time, Liana made her way to the courtyard to finally meet this knight in shining armor who was there with the sole purpose of sweeping her off her feet. Out of this awkward situation, an even more awkward conversation erupted in which verbal punches were thrown and egos were bruised. The first impression we made on each other that night was like no other. If judging “by the book,” everything we did and said was wrong (or at least a little strange) in man’s eyes. But God justified our actions by making us lose our wits and pride for the few moments we were together so that we can learn our true characters. For example, Octavian would have never prayed to hurt the love of his life the first time he met her. But by that, God showed him her forgiving and loving nature. At the same time, just when Liana thought she couldn't have made a worse impression, God proved that Octavian loves her for who she is. The story continues...and after months of not seeing or hearing from each other, God led our paths together once more - and we've been inseparable ever since.

The proposal: After weeks of tricks and "false alarms," Octavian decided to propose in the most sentimental way possible. We went out to dinner on a Monday night near the beach. Afterwords we went to a small beach where we would often go and talk for hours. After watching the sunset, I was ready to go home (fully convinced that the day was over) when Octavian insisted we go down to the sand. He had me completely convinced that he was going to 'practice' proposing to me...when all of a sudden, he shows me the most breathtaking ring I've ever seen and asks me to be his wife. I said YES!

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