04 March 2013

Stormy Seaside Engagement Session by Laura Yang Photography

About their engagement session: "Unless you're Kim Kardashian or Tiger Woods, you're probably not accustomed to having your picture taken. Bill and Claire were a little uneasy about this (Claire says she never looks good in pictures and Bill just wasn't sure about the whole thing.) However, Danny and Laura turned the engagement session into an experience that Bill and Claire will cherish for the rest of their lives. Their personalities jumped out in the pictures and they had so much fun along the way. At times, it felt like they were going for a Sunday stroll with Danny and Laura capturing those special moments of two people deeply in love. The engagement session was definitely a highlight to their year and is something that the two of them will never forget."

Photo Credit: Laura Yang Photography

Their love story: Bill and Claire were both members of our local Civitan chapter and would see each other once a month at the meetings. One day after lunch, Bill asked Claire if she would like to get together sometime. Bill was a little worried when Claire did not show up on time to their first time (little did he know this would shape the rest of his life.) Their first date went exceptionally well and went from just drinks to dinner and the last first date they would ever have. On their second date, they went to an "Old Orlando" classic where they ate and talked until they were the last ones in the restaurant. The waiters had to practically beg them to leave. In walking Claire to her vehicle, Bill knew this was the perfect moment to go in for that magical first kiss. It was a spectacular moment in time and the moon was shining down on the two of them as if it was a sign of things to come. For their next date, Bill was trying to show off. Bill has spent a long time playing golf and what better way to impress the girl of his dreams than to show off his golf game. After Claire was casually on time (she was pretty late), the two spent the entire afternoon hitting golf balls and enjoying each other's company. This would be the main theme in their lives to come. Two people that were meant to be together and loved being together.

The proposal: "Would you like to go to the beach on Saturday?" Looking back on Bill's utterly nonchalant question that day, there was no trace of nervousness or anticipation for anything other than a regular day at the beach. He gave nothing away. That Saturday, as we drove to Ponce Inlet, I had no idea Bill had hidden a ring in the glove compartment. After spending all day on the beach, we went to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner and watched storm clouds gathering on the horizon. While we ate, Bill kept nervously checking the radar on his phone and seemed unusually concerned about how close the storm was getting. I should have known something was up but a proposal was the last thing I expected that day. When we had finished dinner, Bill suggested going back to take a walk on the beach. Just as we parked the car, the drizzling rain let up and we headed down to the beach. I thought nothing of it when halfway down the boardwalk, Bill went back to his car "to get something." As we walked along the beach, a beautiful rainbow filled the sky and thanks to the rain that had just passed through, there was no one on the beach except us. It could not have been a more perfect setting for when, moments later, Bill dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

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