04 April 2013

Outdoor Engagement Session by M.A. Rose Photography

From the Bride: 
I was teaching dance in Santa Margarita, quite a ways from my home, a few years ago. One Monday night after my classes came to an end, I felt like watching the last half of the Laker game so I went to a sports bar down the street. This might seem like a simple thing that I did but I am not one to go anywhere by myself. So I muster up the courage to walk in and order a beer. As I am watching the Laker game, an old (really old) man sat next to me and started talking to me... Having not been single for very long I was very sad that this was the type of guy I was attracting. When he got up to use the restroom, a softball team that had walked into the bar and sat behind me asked me to come join them so I didn't have to talk to the old man anymore. I was very hesitant but I REALLY didn't want that old man to come back, so I joined them at their table.

The members of the softball team were older and extremely nice and I actually ended up meeting them the next few Mondays for beers. It was definitely a funny/unlikely friendship. When their team's season ended, I decided that I did not want to venture into the sports bar by myself anymore. A couple months later, one of the players let me know that their season had started back up in case I wanted to meet up with them. I was 99% sure that I was not going to go. It had been a while and I thought it could be weird. Something in me told me I should just go. So once again I muster my courage and decide to go. But when I met up with them this time, they had a new player on their team. Tim.

We ended up talking for hours the night we met, and for the next couple Mondays after that. We found out that we came from similar families, have the same outlook look on many things, have similar histories, love to be active and love to golf! We started seeing each other more and more often and the rest is history! 

Photo credit: M.A. Rose Photography

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