18 April 2013

Placerita Canyon Natural Area Engagement Session by Megan Hayes

"Our engagement session was just so fun! I had chosen Megan to be our photographer because I absolutely love her beautiful work and because she and I had previously worked together. We had Megan choose a location that was was full of trees and grass and rolling hills (since we have grown up in a desert our whole lives, we definitely wanted a green scenery!). Going into the session, Lance and I were so excited about the location and our amazing photographer! We spent most of the session laughing hysterically with each other, and I think Megan captured that in almost every photo! It was definitely hard for us to do the "serious" takes. One word to describe the weather that day would be frigid! Since our session was done at the end of January, the weather was as cold as could be! But in spite of the cold, we had such a great time with Megan who kept the time moving and the mood relaxed and fun. I am so very thankful we chose Megan, her work turned out to be incredible!" -the couple

Their love story: Most stories begin with how a couple met... our story is just a little different - we don't remember when or how we met! It seems we have always known each other, growing up in Lancaster, California as best friends. Our families were very close friends so we spent out childhood days together, playing and laughing together, going to each other's houses (since we only lived a few houses away from each other), and learning and growing together. It wasn't until junior high and early high school that we admitted that we had feelings for each other. We grew so very close in high school as well as began to develop a deep love for each other. We left high school behind with all its memories and began a new phase in our lives - college. Along with college came the fear of the unknown. The Lord saw fit to take both of our lives different directions for a season to really confirm in our hearts His perfect will. But as God would have it, in His timing alone, He brought us back to each other, as He had always planned! We picked up right where we had left off, overjoyed to be together again!

The proposal: Unbeknownst to me, Lance had planned a day at Disneyland for me and four of my closest friends. I had been told that it was an early twenty-first birthday gift for all of us from our parents. On November 29, we made our way down to Anaheim on that rainy morning, excited about the fun day ahead of us. The five of us girls enjoyed our Disney trip, riding rides and being silly. Later in the afternoon, we made our way through Sleeping Beauty's castle and stopped just in front of it to take some pictures together. Now as I look back, I can see how the girls were trying to stall, waiting for Lance to get in place behind me. At the perfect moment, I turned and saw Lance standing there with a big smile on his face. My first thought was, "What is he doing here?" and then, "How sweet, he surprised me by coming to spend the rest of the day here at Disney with me!" At that moment he took my hands in his and bent to one knee. I was in shock! When he took the ring box out of his pocket, I began to cry. He asked me to marry him, and I nodded yes! A crowd had surrounded us during this time and began to clap and cheer for us as a photographer snapped pictures right there in front of the spectacular Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It was literally picture perfect! We were able to enjoy a fun evening riding some Disney rides together and finished the day off with a beautiful dinner with our parents complete with fireworks!

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