22 April 2013

Yosemite National Park Destination Wedding by Angels Ink Photography

From the couple: Our destination wedding in Yosemite was the perfect choice for us because my husband and I love the outdoors. We are avid cyclist and feel a sense of serenity when we’re in the mountains. August 2011 my husband (boyfriend at the time) went on a hike to Glacier point because we heard it had the most amazing view of Yosemite Valley. At the top of the cliff he proposed and it was clear to both of us that we had to have our wedding there. Our wedding day was exactly what I had dreamed of. A destination wedding at the most gorgeous place I could have imagined Yosemite! The ceremony was at Yosemite Valley Chapel and it was a beautiful ceremony. My husband and I consider ourselves pretty shy people so we were pleased to have worked with Reverend Audrey Nassar. He tailored to us shy folks and performed the best short & sweet ceremony. After the ceremony we took pictures outside of the chapel and it was a very hot but gorgeous day. The panoramic view of the granite cliffs, huge pine trees, meadow and waterfalls were spectacular. We even had a tram full of visitors to Yosemite congratulate us as we took pictures with family and friends outside of the Chapel. One of the most amazing moments was with our photographer Angels Ink Photography. A wedding day can be super stressful on a bride and I was happy to have some alone time with my brand new husband. As we were taking our photographs a deer walked up behind us. For some reason at that little moment I forgot about the stress of a wedding day, the heat, and all I could do is see the love in my husband’s eyes. A simple deer passing us at that moment in time as we finished up our photographs brought me back to the serenity of Yosemite. The reception was even more spectacular having our Grand Entrance with our family and friends was perfect. We had approximately fifty guests and so it was definitely the sweet intimate wedding we had wished for. We went around hugging everyone and every special moment we had was captured in our Photographs. My very favorite moment aside from finally marrying the man of my dreams, was dancing with my father. My father and I have a great relationship and we love to laugh and joke around with each other. So for my wedding I let him choose the father daughter song (scary right!). He had picked the funniest Spanish song for us to dance to and we even danced funny….. to this day I laugh just remembering it. I will cherish that dance with in my heart forever. I’m forever grateful for all the amazing staff we worked with and especially to Angels Ink Photography. Their knowledge, professionalism, helpfulness and the actual love they have for what they do really made our wedding unforgettable not only in our hearts but in photographs.

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