31 May 2013

Big Bear Engagement Session by Corey Morgan Photography

About their engagement session: "I spent what felt like forever trying to think of the best engagement shoot location was for us when the obvious choice finally dawned on me. We got in engaged in Big Bear so why not take them there?? Jeremy not the most social or most comfortable in front of a camera, so I knew I wanted to pick somewhere without crowds and somewhere he would like. We knew of a spot off the beaten path where we had camped before that is secluded and beautiful. Just a short off road trip and we were in Holcolm Valley on the north side of Big Bear Lake. It was a beautiful November day with a high of 46 degrees. It was cold but it also gave us more reason to snuggle up close for the camera to keep each other warm. The patches of snow on the ground and the beautiful scenery completely captured what I love about the mountains and being there with my love again only made it that much better."

Photo credit: Corey Morgan Photography

Their love story: Although we had known of each other since the 6th grade, Jeremy and I didn't start dating until our early twenties. I "fell in like" with Jeremy at 18 when we would hang out together through mutual friends, but we lost touch soon after that for about three years. One warm summer night I was riding my beach cruiser with the same mutual friends when we randomly ran into Jeremy on our ride. I still had some broken hearted feelings towards him and chose to ignore him when we stopped to say hi. A few days later Jeremy messaged me through MySpace and I fell right back in like with him, only this time he was ready to be in like with me. Soon like turned into love which soon turned into true love. And now this summer we will be exchanging vows five years from that fateful bike ride.

The proposal: I was having a bad week at work and just wanted to get away on an adventure for the weekend. Because it was February and the mountains had gotten a few inches of snow we decided on going up to Big Bear on Friday night. Jeremy drove us to a lodge right on the lake and pretended that they had upgraded us to a suite for free. I was excited that the weekend was starting off on the perfect foot. We were starving when we got up the mountain, but before we left for dinner Jeremy told me to close my eyes and backed me up in our suite. I peeked through my fingers over my eyes thinking nothing of the game I thought he was playing. He asked if I was peeking so I told him "yes", and his "no peeking!" response sounded so serious it made me nervous. When he finally told me to open my eyes I saw him down on one knee in front of me with the twinkling ring of my dreams. I'm pretty sure the world stopped when I saw that ring box because I don't even remember him saying "will you marry me?". The moment literally took my breath away and I couldn't get out the word "yes!". I could only rapidly nod my answer for him. He completely caught me by surprise when I thought I had been on such high proposal alert.

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