20 May 2013

Ever After Wedding Inspiration by Kristen Booth Photography

About the shoot: "We poured our hearts into this shoot and are sooo excited to be a part of this contest! :) Ever After was the obvious choice for me, because of my love for fairytales. I watched the movie several times throughout the planning, to draw inspiration. While I fell in love with the detail and majestic feel of the masquerade scene and felt it was appropriate for a wedding, I realized that the most romantic scenes of the movie were actually shared in the more earthy and wilderness settings. Therefore, my team and I decided to create a perfect marriage of the two looks. The centerpiece was wild and earthy, while the linens and table settings were royal and elaborate...our bride's dress was inspired by Danielle's "Just breathe" moment as she entered the ball, while the hair was derived from Danielle's more natural and everyday look. The combination of these different elements came together for what we hoped to be a magical and whimsical shoot, with a hint of royalty. One interesting detail I would like to point out, is that I made the dress. As I began searching for something for our bride to wear, I became frustrated because I knew what I wanted and couldn't find it. So I came up with the CRAZY idea to MAKE the dress, even though I have no formal sewing knowledge or experience. I purchased a very plain dress off of eBay, then proceeded to make it an off-the-shoulder cut, add lace sleeves, and cover the whole gown with lace, tulle, and detailing. I did this all by hand and was really happy with the results. Our team was made up of Fascinare who did the bouquet, centerpiece and hanging floral chandelier, Etablir shop who provided the linen, table settings, mirror, and various other pieces, KM paperie on paper goods, Love ‘Em Sweet did the cake, and Katey-Bug Browne did the the hair. I made the dress and boutouneirre."

Photographer:  Kristen Booth (based out of Southern Califiornia)
Equipment Rentals: Etablir
Floral Designer: Fascinare Wedding Decor and Planning
Hair Stylist:Katey-Bug Browne
Invitation Designer: KM Paperie
Bakery: Love 'Em Sweet

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