20 May 2013

Moonrise Kingdom Wedding Inspiration by Daniel Cruz Photography

About the shoot: "We picked the movie Moonrise Kingdom because we wanted to take a quirky love story between two preteens during the 1960s and translate it into something that is more elegant and modern for today's couples. So many elements jumped off the screen that were perfect for creating a whimsical outdoor wedding: peter pan collars, campground aesthetics and treats, vintage lanterns and books-- the list goes on! Sam and Suzy ran away together in the movie, so we envisioned a romantic elopement as the inspiration for our shoot. After assembling our team of talented vendors, we chose to shoot in the mountains to achieve a type of woodsy feel, and to introduce the signature color palette in the movie. 

Each member was hand picked for their strengths, and we couldn't have picked any better. Collette Budd of Brier Rose Design is a woman of many talents! She produced the beautiful floral work, as well as all of the baked goods. Furthermore, she provided all of the prop design! Ashley Faria of Patterns On Walls did an amazing job with our the wardrobe pieces. Being a set designer as well, she was gracious enough to lend a hand with the making of some of the props! Ashley Jael Wheatley of Ashley Jael Hair and Makeup is GOLD. We were glad to have her along, as she does such incredible hair and makeup each time we work with her. 

Through the efforts of our entire team, we are able to introduce to you our version of Moonrise Kingdom. Enjoy!"

Photography: Daniel Cruz Photography (based out of Southern California)
Floral Design: Brier Rose Design

Cake and Baked Goods: Brier Rose Design
Props: Brier Rose Design
Wardrobe and Styling: Patterns On Walls
Hair and Make-up: Ashley Jael Hair and Makeup

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