15 May 2013

Vintage Engagement Session by April and Paul

"As long as I could remember, I have been attracted to the vintage look. So I knew just what to wear and just where to go to create pictures that would be perfect to look back on and remember our special time before marriage. We took pictures in front of a beautiful downtown theater, along with pictures at a carousel and in a huge open field. Each setting represents part of our relationship. The theatre represents how we are old-fashioned. Blake still opens by door each time we ride together (and he says he always will). The carousel represents our goofy, fun-loving personalities. The field represents our love for the simple things in life and enjoying God's creation. One thing you might not be able to see just from the pictures is the fact that by the time we took the field pictures, the temperature outside was below freezing and the wind was whirling while snow flurries were falling... But not even that could stop us from taking great pictures! To us, it was one day of pain for a lifetime of treasured memories. April and Paul could not have been better for what we needed. They were so in-tune with what we wanted. They are good at communicating with their clients, and they know how to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. And as if that is not enough, their pictures are outstanding! We definitely recommend April and Paul Photography to anyone who is searching for a good photo shoot. Overall, this was a day we will always cherish." - from the couple

Photo credit: April + Paul

Their love story: Our love story cannot be told without beginning the story by making it known that their love comes from Christ. The love that Jesus showed toward us when He died for the sins of all people is what compels us to love one another. We met on February 19, 2010, while we were in the tenth grade. Even though we did not officially become official boyfriend and girlfriend until after Blake talked to my father about courtship, we knew from that first day that we had found "the one." It was a true story of love at first sight. Ever since that cold February night, we have been your typical "mushy-gushy" couple that never wants to go a day without seeing one another. All of this love is made possible through the love of God. Our goal for the rest of our life is to love each other with an unconditionally sacrificial love.

The proposal: Blake knows how much I love the details of everything. I love seeing not only the actions but also the thoughts behind the actions. I am a very sentimental person who is very appreciative of anything that is done with true effort and thought put into it. Knowing this, Blake wanted to put together a presentation of everything leading up to our engagement. So, he borrowed a video camera and videoed himself telling me about different things he did leading up to the engagement. For an example, when he picked out my ring, he recorded himself telling the story. On November 9, 2012, Blake was preparing himself for one of the most intimidating conversations of his life: he was going to ask my father for my hand in marriage. He says his legs were shaking like spaghetti noodles, his mouth was as dry as the Sahara Desert as he called my parent's house to set up a time to have "the talk" with my dad. After he went and shared his heart with my father and my father shared what he expected of the man who was going to marry his daughter, they began working on the perfect way to get us along so Blake could "pop the question." Then on November 15, 1,000 days after the day we had met back in the tenth grade, we "conveniently" made a trip just up the road to the place we had met over two years ago, where Blake reenacted the moment we first met. He asked me the question he says he wished he could have asked me the first time we were there: "Lauren Alexis Holden, will you marry me"? After that, my family quickly got together the party supplies to have a celebration for the newly engaged couple. After we ate and enjoyed the excitement, we sat down and watched the video Blake prepared, which ended with a recording of the actual proposal. I was more than excited and completely surprised! That night, I know I was the happiest girl in the world! He made all my dreams come true.

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