11 June 2013

Comic Love Engagement Session by Sun and Sparrow Photography

"This amazingly styled "comic love" engagement session is amazing. This bride made her own dress & tie, as well as baked the cupcakes & designed the cutest cupcake toppers. Their session was located at an actual Local Los Angeles comic book store, Secret Headquarters!

Here is their story...

On July 2nd, 2012, four years to the day of the now infamous note, Steve took Michelle to the spot that they had first really hung out alone: a simple bench under a street light, off Avenue H in Redondo Beach. As the sun set Steve played his guitar, as he had for Michelle multiple times on that same bench during their relationship. After a couple songs, he handed Michelle another (simple mistake-free this time) note and began playing and singing The Wedding Singer classic, “I Wanna Grow Old With You.” The note was a simple history of Michelle and Steve’s relationship, with him telling her that he’d only grown stronger in his convictions that she was his better half. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Steve explained that she should fold the paper so the tops of two arrows touched. Upon doing so, a hidden inquiry appeared. Michelle stared at the question, “Will you be my wife?” for a very long time with a confused look on her face. This led to the following exchange:
Michelle: “Are you serious?”
Steve: “Yes.”
Michelle: “Did you ask my dad?”
Steve: “Yes.”
Michelle: “Are you kidding?”
Steve: “No…”
Michelle: “…”
Steve: “So…?”
Michelle: “OF COURSE!” -Sun & Sparrow Photography

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