18 June 2013

New York Engagement Session by Kate Ignatowski Photography

"Going into our engagement session with Kate, Ben and I were both really excited to use our time with Kate to capturing some of our favorite places around the city, while also making it feel very personal to who we are. One of the things we love about Kate's work is that she really knows how to use the light - so, we decided to head out when the light is best (and the crowds have dispersed) - sunrise. We met Kate at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge bright and early and, as luck would have it, we had an absolutely beautiful day to work with. New York City is an incredible canvas and Kate did an amazing job capturing so many of the things we love about it. We couldn't be more excited to have her along side with us going into our big day!" - the couple

Their love story: About three years ago, Ben and I had the good fortune to meet thanks to the City of New York - it was serendipity at its finest. We'd both been living in New York for some time, but in April of 2010 we were summoned for jury duty. We ended up being called in for questioning on the same case and I got lucky enough to sit directly in front of Ben. We started talking during our breaks and hit it off pretty quickly. After an end of day subway ride, and a date a week later, the rest is history. As we are both children of lawyers, in hindsight it all feels very fitting.

The proposal: This past fall we traveled to London to tour around and visit with good friends. On our last day, Ben had planned a dinner for us, but before the reservation, he tricked me into going over to the Four Seasons Park Lane for a "quick drink." He surprised me by taking me up to a suite for our last night and, after recovering from the shock (and asking where my luggage was), we toasted a great end to their latest adventure. I told him the surprise was absolutely perfect - he replied that there was only one thing that could make it even more perfect - and pulled out the ring. After a few tears, an ecstatic YES, more champagne, and phone calls to our parents, we made it out to an incredible dinner and celebrated the start of the rest of our lives together.

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