17 June 2013

Priest Point Park Engagement Session by Josselyn Peterson Photographer

"Josselyn met up with Erin and Kyler in their current town of Olympia, WA. One of Erin's favorite things about Olympia is the water and the boats so the boardwalk by the marina seemed like a good place to start. We took a few pictures there and then went to our next destination. The next destination, and the place where most of our pictures were taken was Priest Point Park, along the eastern side of Budd Bay in Puget Sound. This park offered a variety of backdrops and is one of our favorite places in Olympia. There is a network of trails that take you through a forested setting on your way to the water. The park has become a regular destination for us as it's a great place to exercise the dogs and let them go for a swim. We weren't sure what to expect from our engagement session, but we had a blast and loved the pictures! We had a great time with Josselyn and spent most of the afternoon laughing. Our engagement session was a great way to kick-off our wedding planning and get to know the girl behind the lens. We can't wait for the big day!" -The Couple

Their love story: Erin and Kyler met in Corvallis, Oregon while attending college at Oregon State University. Erin was a sophomore in the Art program and Kyler had just moved from Spokane, WA to enroll in OSU's Forest Engineering program. As fate would have it, Kyler and Erin crossed paths quickly after he moved to Corvallis. It just so happened that he would move in directly upstairs of her apartment. As Kyler recalls, his roommate who moved to town a couple of weeks earlier, called and informed him that they there were two good looking girls downstairs. Erin's roommate had asked him to put together a BBQ for her one day as a ploy to meet the new neighbors. After meeting the new neighbor, Erin's roommate called her to report that the new neighbors seemed like good guys. Within a week of moving in, Erin invited Kyler to join her and her friends to the first Beaver football game of the season (don't worry, their team won!). That year, Erin and Kyler hung out a lot. It took a year for Kyler to build up the confidence to ask her on their first official date, but he knew Erin was the one for him after that first football game.

The proposal: Nearly seven months ago on Thanksgiving Day, Kyler and Erin went for a walk with their two dogs along the Deschutes River trail in Bend, OR. After finding a good spot on the river, they sat down on a piece of driftwood to watch the dogs play in the water. Kyler, trying to act cool and collected, casually asked Erin what she thought about getting old together. Erin replied with a smart alec response, something to the effect of "Gee I don't know, that sounds like a long time". As they laughed, Kyler got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. After a moment of stunned silence, she said yes! There was certainly a lot to be thankful for on that day.

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