27 June 2013

Travel Thursdays: Athens by Bit of Ivory Photography

From Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography: Because I was a former art teacher, Athens had strict "I taught it, so I have to see it!" meaning. The city's rich history held its draw and seeing all of the Grecian ruins and temples was very humbling. There is something to be said about architecture that holds thousands of years through weather and man-instigated events.

As you probably noticed, I do love getting some shots of the roaming local animals! :) I have major respect for Athens and their care for stray animals. (They feed, water, and spay/neuter strays. They hang out at the ruins, they never feel threatened, and just let the tourists walk around them. It made me smile!)

Some sites in the photos:
* Temple of Zeus
* The Parthenon
* Ancient Agora
* Temple of Hephaestus

Photo credit: Bit of Ivory Photography

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