07 June 2013

Wedding Article: Things I would change about my wedding

I think that for most of us, looking back on our wedding day or the process of planning a wedding, there would be at least one or two things we would have done differently. My wedding day turned out beautifully and I loved it but there are a few things I would have done differently. For example, I would have hired a photographer who had experience shooting weddings - someone who knew the important shots that must be taken. I had a talented photographer who took amazing photographs - the quality was great - but a lot of the photos I really wanted were not taken. I don't have photos of me with my sisters. Or with my brothers. Or just one of me and my parents. Another thing I would have liked to have done differently was to have made more time for family, wedding party, and bride & groom photos. We got married in early November with a morning ceremony and an afternoon reception.. there wasn't even much time for photos afterwards because the sun set early.

I also would have cut the guest list in half. We had 450 people attend our wedding, half who were friends of the parents. But because we were the first in both families getting married, the parentals insisted on inviting so and so. We couldn't really argue with them because they were paying for the wedding. But looking back, and if I could do it over, I would want just family and close friends. People I actually talk to.

I would have invested in those pretty Chivari chairs because I just don't like chair covers. I also would have hired a real make-up artist. The person who was going to do my make-up bailed on me last minute so I ended up doing my make-up myself. I did a pretty good job but it would have been nice to have been pampered a little.

Lastly, I would have liked to have added more personal elements.. things that define both the hubby and myself as a couple. Overall, I really loved my wedding and almost everything was perfect (the chicken we ordered for the guests were not what we ordered - we asked for Herb Crusted Chicken; the chicken was not crusted but no one complained!)
I wanted to hear from my readers what they would have done differently and this is what they said..

"My #1 change would be to make sure the planner, photo/video people, decorator and DJ discuss the lighting wayyyy in advance of the big day. It's such a small detail but it affects everything." -Sidra from Rubies & Ribbon

"I would have cut the guest list and hired a videographer. Not having a videographer is my biggest regret and looking back, wish i would have cut the guest list to afford the videographer." -Candice L.

"[Hire a professional photographer - not a friend]. My photographer ran out of memory so half of my wedding wasn't photographed." -Dragana F.

"... Things I would do differently: worry less about the guest list and when in doubt - include versus exclude, NOT try to DIY every little thing, spend more time with guests at the reception, have a wedding video, and try to get photos with all the different guests, not just family and wedding party." -Jessica W. 

"I would have gotten married at Yosemite, or on top of a tree-covered mountain with an amazing view somewhere. I would have spent more money on our photographer and less on our flowers/decor. I also would have saved more money for a honeymoon. To this day we have not taken ours, or been on a vacation where it was JUST us two. We've been married almost 3 years now..." -Brittany S.

 "I just got married last July and hired a videographer, but for the sake of saving money I only hired him for the ceremony, not the reception. I love the video from the ceremony, and I wish I had our toasts and special moments from the reception on tape too because everything goes by so fast in such a blur that it would have been nice to have it on video." -Kelsey D.

"I would have invested much more in my photography. Though I'm a photographer myself, even back then I wasn't fully aware of all the options I really had to have better quality photos. Since then however it has give me insight to better my business structure and give this very important advice to all my clients: invest in what will stay with you the longest and in the gift that keeps on giving .... your photography from your wedding.  On a side note, my hubby and I will be renewing our vows one day and there will be a top notch photographer involved." -Melissa W. 

"I would have definitely had a first look! That would have given us more time to spend with our guests! I would have spent more money on the photographer and videographer cuz they are catching the moments that you will be looking back at 20 years from now! Oh and find an amazing dj because he has the most important job, to get the party started!!! I would have spent less money on the unnecessary decor like fancy napkins and mints and put it towards nicer centerpieces because those are the focal points of the tables! And I think hiring a wedding coordinator for the day of is a must!!!! It takes the stress off of you and your loved ones, and allows you all to enjoy your day!" -Janelle M.

"I would have had a photographer.  my husband and I got married in the courthouse on short notice and I have just one cell phone photo. How sad is that for someone that shoots 30 weddings a year?! Haha." -Rachel N.

"I would have bought a wedding album. All of my wedding photos are stored on my computer and I never see them except for the few that are in a frame around the house. The album really lets you relive that day from beginning to end and share it with family and friends. I am glad that I choose to save on the invitations so that we could add fireworks to the reception. It is all about prioritizing." -Samantha R. 

"I would have invited anyone I felt like - other family friends, my own friends....it's only money. the guests are more important. I would also have built more time into photography/videography - I didn't build enough time into the schedule and I wish we had more photos." -Ning W.

"Our wedding day was so perfectly us - a blend of natural hippie and young spirit and quirk of charlie brown. The primary thing I wish we had done a little differently was learn to pick and choose what was really important. We spent every weekend, for a year, thrifting and crafting to make everything people touched something we made to include our salvaged barn wood reception tables. In the end, all those details were not what made the day. It was about the energy us as a couple had and the energy our darling guests came to the celebration with. We wanted an intimate backyard event and invited those who wanted to share their love with us. So to sum it up, maybe we could have rented plates and flatware as opposed to buying vintage mikasa and perhaps all those farm chairs didn't need to be recovered  I think I also would have invested in a better DJ - wow, can they make or break the mood on the dance floor!  I would have also invested in videography - there are so many moments I wish we could remember the exact words said. such as the toast given by the best man under the influence  or the animaniacs song that played during our cake pop exchange..." -Katie D. 

I'd love to hear from you! What would YOU change or do differently?

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