19 July 2013

Equestrian-Inspired Engagement Session by Elle Danielle Photography

From the couple: Our original engagement session was rescheduled due to rain. I was very disappointed because I was looking forward to the shoot and working with Elle Danielle. However, awaiting the rescheduled date, I had a dream of Carlton and I doing an equestrian engagement theme. At that time I didn't know anyone with a horse. But ever since I was a little girl, I believed my daddy could work miracles and come through for me. So I called my daddy at work exited to tell him about my dream and what I wanted, he said to me "I know someone, he's my coworker, do you want to speak to him?" I proceeded to say yes, so we talked and arranged the time and got direction to his ranch. The day of the photo shoot, we headed to Moody, Alabama where we had our session with our dream come true a horse named "Two", who has a gentle spirit.

Their love story: On Tuesday February 7, 2012, I was contemplating attending a social event sponsored by the Young Professionals (YP) of Birmingham or staying home to finish schoolwork. I decided to rush and finish my schoolwork and meet my friend at the YP event, 30 minutes before it ended. While engaging in conversation with a group of people, Carlton walked over and spoke to everyone in the group except me. In response I stated, "So you are not going to speak, how rude can you be?", then we both laughed. He replied, "So you are little feisty, huh?" Then I said, "I know your mother taught you better than that." Again, we both laughed, then engaged in a conversation. He asked about my profession, what hospital I worked at, and what nursing school I attended. I then learned that his mother was one of my professors in nursing school. From that point, I knew then he came from a good family, because his mother was my favorite professor during nursing school. As the night and conversation proceeded, Carlton asked if he could take me out for lunch sometimes, in turn we then exchanged numbers. Later that night we went to eat sushi with a group of mutual associates. While there we made plans to hangout and listen to a live band the following Friday night. We meet that Friday and we've been inseparable ever since.

The proposal: On the evening of November 9, 2012, the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball team played Sam Houston State in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My brother, TJ Cleveland, who is the assistant coach for the Razorbacks, invited us to the game and my twin nephews (Caynen and Cayden) one year old party. The next day we attended the party. At the end of the party, my brother made an announcement stating, "We have a special presentation." Carlton and my brother were whispering amongst each other. I was wondering what was going on. Carlton went outside and came back in and started to thank my parents and family for being hospitable during his stay in Arkansas. He asked me to come to the front of the and from there, I don't remember exactly what he said besides, "Will you marry me?". All I remember was crying and sweating from nervousness while saying, "YES!!!"

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