16 July 2013

Farm and Lake Engagement Session by A.J. Dunlap Photography

From the couple: "Our engagement session took place on Sloan's family farm in Smithfield, NC. The farm has everything from dirt roads, tobacco fields, grassy fields and a pond. The Steven's family owns a sausage company called Stevens Sausage, so we took a few pictures for fun at the plant and at a rustic barn right behind the plant. Every location was so much fun! AJ and Kyle made us feel like we were not even being photographed; everything was so natural. I will admit we were a little nervous at first but that feeling went away quickly. Our favorite part of the shoot was when we took pictures on Sloan's boat at the pond. The boat means a lot to Sloan because it's his first boat and pretty much his treasure (other than me!!)! The boat is referred to as "The Kelsea" because I thought it was an appropriate name for the boat :) Sloan and I were having the time of our lives taking these pictures and seeing these pictures. They made us both look at each other with huge smiles on our faces and realize that we really are getting married! When AJ gave us our sneak peek at the pictures we could not choose a favorite. We were so happy and giggly during the shoot! I could not have been happier with AJ and Kyle! They made everything so easy and fun!"

Their love story: Sloan and Kelsey met during the summer of 2008. Kelsey worked at Camp Seafarer and Sloan worked at Camp Seagull. Throughout the summer they became friends, but did not begin dating until later. School was about to start back up and Kelsey and some of her camp friends decided to go to Sloan's fraternity's annual "back to school" band party. A lot of dancing and a few drinks later, Sloan was asking for Kelsey's number and the rest is history!

The proposal: Kelsey and Sloan decided to go to Mt. Airy to visit Sloan's sister, husband and new baby. We were so excited to see the new house they had built and recently moved in to. We arrived mid-afternoon and spent the afternoon catching up and playing with baby Kate. Ellie and Mrs. Stevens cooked a fabulous dinner for everyone and soon after dinner Sloan said, "Let's go get our bags out of the car." Kelsey grabbed her coat and headed out the door. We got our bags out and were heading back into the house when Sloan said Kelsey had forgotten something in the car. I kindly told him to hurry up because it was cold and windy. He nervously told her to hold on. As I turned around there was Sloan pulling the box out of his coat pocket asking me to marry him. I said yes!

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