01 July 2013

Laguna Beach Engagement Session by Janelle Marina Photography

"It was so much fun! Janelle helped us feel at ease and Tyler and I were comfortable from the start. I wanted an outdoorsy vibe and a beachy vibe. I left the locations up to Janelle and I loved everything about them! They fit my vision perfectly. We didn't incorporate too many props b/c I did want them to takeover. The books used in the beach scene are significant because Tyler and I met in law school so ALL of the books used are our case books from school. For our "dressy look" we were going for the power couple vibe which Janelle hit right on the head when she saw our outfit choice. It was such a good time." -The couple


Their love story: We met a week or 2 prior to starting our first year of law school. It was at mutual acquaintances, who were also going to our law school, apartment complex where Tyler was living as well. We talked and had good conversation but that was it. The first week of school, he sat next to me in the front row of each class. We soon became friends and would joke with each other. He gave me a nickname I couldn't live down until I transferred schools which was AN (attractive nuisance) and had just about every male in our class calling me that on a regular basis. I found out he liked me at an "end of spring break" BBQ. He kissed me when I took him home and thus began our fairy tale. Our first date was at a coffee shop to study for a class I was having trouble in (I found out it was a date after the fact lol) and he says he knew he really liked me when other guys were hitting on me at an after party for the law school "prom" aka Barrister's Ball as I was dancing on a bar (classy right? Lol).

The proposal: We were in Madison, WI where Tyler went for undergrad at the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison. We ate at the Old Fashioned, a favorite restaurant of his fron college which is directly across the capital building. Following dinner, we went across the street to take photos. I fell right into his "trap" by stating I wanted a photo in front of a "blanket of snow." As I took photos he asked me to walk back so he could take another photo over. When I turned around he was down on one knee just as the snow began to fall at midnight. It was like a scene out of a movie! After saying yes and hugging and kissing he turned me around to see our families running up to us who caught the whole thing on film.

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