09 July 2013

Picnic Engagement Session by Adrian Cotiga Photography

From the couple: "When Monica asked me where I want to do this session the first thing that came to my mind was a very beautiful place nearby Razvan's home. What else can be better than a land full of blowballs and trees with pink flowers!?! Well....a picnic with some delicious strawberries and a land full of blowballs!!!! I was very eager about this session because neither I or Razvan were familiar with cameras but in the end we spent a really great time!!! Monica and Adrian are two very special persons which we were lucky to met! Their love for each other but also for beautiful things can be seen in every picture they take. The emotion and the passion they bring in these pictures are an expression of their way of life!!!! We just love them!!!!" 

Their love story: Hello, Well, it all started 3 years ago before graduating... I came back to my hometown to work at my project, which had to be finished in less than 3 weeks cause I was also participating with my collection on a fashion anual show.... never mind... So, I was very busy and tired at that time, a reason why one of my friend invited me out one night to relax a little bit. Who knew that latter that night I’ll meet the man who will change my life!?! On our way to the club I heard that there is going to be also Razvan ...., quite frankly I only knew Razvan from words …he was that handsome, mysterious and hard to reach guy, always wearing an elegant black suit. So, when I heard that Razvan is going to be there I made a quite innocent joke to one of my friend to invited Razvan to join our table, but honestly I didn’t realized that are really best friends…. :-D I give you my word that I didn’t even knew the way he looks or what kind of man he is. Later that night he came to my table and stood there all night long next to me ….and the rest is history. It was like we knew each other from ages…. So, be careful what you wish or ask for cause you never know…..

The proposal: The proposal happened last year, in 2012. I remember that it was my birthday and it was snowing really hard. I was in my office with no big plans for that evening because of the snow, when i got a call from Razvan. He then told me that he's waiting for me in the car and that we're going to see a movie. I got excited and went down to the car where he was expecting me with flowers, red beautiful roses. On the way to the movie I realized that we are actually going to a restaurant, but never suspected anything else but a nice dinner. While we were waiting the note he suddenly got on his knees and asked me if i want to marry him!!!! I was socked!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!....we had only 2 years together....he had no plans of getting married and never had any discussions about this!!! Of course I said Yes!!!!.....

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