22 July 2013

Romantic Engagement Session by Jenna Bechtholt Photography

From the couple: "Jenna was an absolute joy to work with! She spent the transitions from location to location getting to know us, and that helped us be comfortable and really enjoy the pictures! She gave us a lot of flexibility with the session, with the option for more candid or posed pictures, or even poses that we secretly wanted. She was so supportive and encouraging throughout the session, telling us how great we look, and that added to the fun! We ended up with so many great options of pictures that it was hard to choose which would go with our announcement! I will forever look back on this engagement session with fond memories because the experience was great, and the product was even better!"

Their love story: Spencer and I met at our apartment complex at BYU. I had made a list of guys that I wanted to keep my eye on with the potential of a date, including Spencer. So one night, when he came over to my apartment to follow up on a story with one of my roommates, I knew this was my chance to feel him out and see if he was interested. He totally was. He was super flirty and singled me out in the conversation with my roommates. That weekend, I left him a note saying that he should stop by another time so we could hang out again. He read right into that and asked me on a date the next day. Our first date was a lunch date, followed by a second date that night, and another date the next two nights. This boy meant business. But really, we both couldn't get enough of each other. Dating Spencer was unlike anything I've experienced. I was immediately so comfortable with him. He understood me faster than anyone else has done. He made me feel like I was on top of the world, and that together we could conquer anything. He was the man I would spend the rest of forever with.

The proposal: When I took Spencer home to meet my parents, I planned on spending a day with my best friend, Amanda. She suggested that we have a little photo-shoot so she could practice couple-y poses for an upcoming wedding she was photographing. I jumped at this idea because Spencer and I didn't have too many pictures together, and this was a great excuse for more. We met up with Amanda and started taking some pictures. About an hour in, we ask to see a few of the pictures, just to gauge how we are liking them. They look great, and Amanda points out that we've filled up nearly half of her memory card. We're about to move on to a new location when Spencer says he's got something in mind for this spot. I think to myself, "Oh, no. This is trouble if he thinks he can be all artsy and stage a good picture." He takes me and positions me a few feet in front of him. He reaches into his pocket. Pulls out a ring. Gets down on one knee, and asks, "Kristen, will you marry me?" This was the perfect proposal. I was convinced that I would be able to tell when he was going to propose, and this completely caught me off guard. For heaven's sake, I planned these pictures! Apparently, a few days earlier, Spencer had contacted Amanda and let her know what he was planning, the little schemer. The rest of the photo-shoot we had perfect, permanent smiles.

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