16 July 2013

Rustic Engagement Session by Eryn Kesler Photography

From the couple: "Eryn was AMAZING to work with! We had requested a country feel for our engagement pictures and she picked the perfect location - a private 300 acre farm in Vancouver, WA. It was so country, in fact, we had to shoo some horses before we could start pictures. It was one of our beautiful and very hot days we had in late June so we waited for the day to cool down before we started the photo shoot. This led to some great locations with the sun peaking through the trees in just the right way. During our engagement we have learned lots about the wedding planning process and have spent countless hours looking for and meeting with vendors. This was one event where we could just have fun! It was a beautiful night where we were able to get dressed up and just focus on one another while (temporarily) forgetting about everything left on our to-do list. It had the perfect scenery and perfect company, making for the perfect evening."

Their love story: We got this from our wedding website (www.weddingwire.com/misleyprincehouse). Feel free to change anything and let us know if you need anymore info! It all started in the Oregon State University library. Ben first noticed her fiery red hair and sweet presence. Melissa had noticed his unforgettable blue eyes and country western dance moves. From afar, they both knew right away there was something different. After weeks of missed opportunities, Ben finally worked up the courage to talk to her - they hit it off immediately and became great friends. Shared study time led to shared laughs, conversations, and hardly any studying. Their friendship grew over the next year and a half through working together, hanging out with a common group of friends and plenty of country dancing at Western Wednesdays. However, it was with just two weeks left until Ben's graduation that they both knew their time together at OSU was short. It was now or never. After a few late nights staying up talking until 5am during finals week (sorry Mom and Dad!) and watching the sun rise at Mary's Peak, everything had changed. It was the start of their new adventure together and life together.

The proposal: After 2 years full of adventures, laughing and falling in love - Ben brought Melissa back to Mary's Peak for another sunrise, but this time it was different. Mary's Peak marked the start of their courtship, and now it was about to mark the start of their engagement. Reminiscent of their first date, Ben waited until the sun had just started to peak over the horizon to get on one knee and propose. With the view across the valley and the rest of the world waking, Ben told Melissa how he couldn't live without her and how he wanted forever with her. Catching her off guard, tears swelled in her eyes and she said "Yes!"

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