30 July 2013

San Francisco Engagement Session by Jessica Burke Photography

From the couple: "We had been planning for months to have our engagement pictures taken on March 30th, however as the day approached it looked as if the weather would not cooperate with our outdoor photo shoot. Not being from Northern California, we asked Jessica Burke to offer recommendations for a beautiful location and without hesitation she recommended the Marin Headlands. After frantically calling Jessica to discuss whether or not we should reschedule, we saw a break in the clouds and took a chance. The resulting pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Jessica has an incredible ability to make you feel comfortable and capture who you are as a couple. Having loved our engagement shoot, we can't wait to see the pictures from our big day!!"

Their love story: It was a beautiful Arizona night, March 20th 2009 to be exact, and somehow we both ended up in the always-classy establishment "Saddle Ranch" (picture mechanical bull, Kid Rock music videos, the sweet smell of cotton candy, the kind of romantic location where movies always show true love begin). My friends and I had just walked up to the second floor balcony to avoid the crowds when a group of girls walked through the front door, one of them immediately grabbing Dave’s attention. After taking in a little liquid courage, I entered the circle of girls to introduce myself to the beautiful, petite, blonde girl I knew I had to meet...Jessica Larson. After some playful banter, Jessica pulled the girl card and "had to run to the bathroom" (aka wanted to get her friends' opinions). Having passed the friend test I pulled out my Blackberry to ask Jessica for her number, and having just bought a Blackberry herself, Jessica immediately and excitedly suggested that we become BBM friends. I called Jessica the following Sunday to ask her out on a date and there was no answer, however five minutes later my phone beeps with a BBM from Jessica. Being a little old-fashioned I didn't want to ask her out on a date via text message. Two days later, I tried to call again in hopes of asking her out on a date. Again no answer, but AGAIN immediate BBM response. This continued for THREE MONTHS until Jessica's friends finally convinced her that she had to either meet me face to face again or stop BBMing me all the time. Thanks to my persistence and a little nudge from her friends, we have been inseparable ever since. We moved to San Francisco together after only nine months and have been living a fairy tale ever since. After three years, I proposed to Jessica and can’t wait to call her my wife come September.

The proposal: Every year Dave and I take a little trip for anniversary. On our 3 year anniversary we planned on a fun filled weekend in one of our favorite places, Lake Tahoe. While at work that Friday, I heard a light knock at the door and to my surprise it was Dave coming to pick me up early! I was so excited and confused that I rushed outside and hopped in the car immediately. While driving north of San Francisco, Dave explained that we would be stopping at Gloria Ferrer Winery in Sonoma to pick up some champagne he has special ordered for the weekend. I rolled my eyes and started complaining that we would hit traffic… When we arrived at Gloria Ferrer, Dave pulled me into an open patio overlooking the entire winery. The ground was covered in yellow rose petals and on a wine barrel was an I-Photo book Dave had made containing pictures from our first 3 years together. While flipping through the pages, I became more and more confused as to how it got there, what it was…I was in shock. As I flipped to the end of the book, I saw the last page was a picture of my ring. Dave pulled a little box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and the rest as they say is history…

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