01 July 2013

Seaside Engagement Session by Ashley Therese Photography

"They had met months before they actually officially met. Meghan was new to the Long Beach area and while out with a mutual friend, she met Greg. They were both at a local bar and were quickly introduced for the first time. But a few months later when Meghan was out again with friends, Greg showed up at the same place to hang out with some of his friends. Meghan instantly smiled when she saw him and leaned over to her co-worker and whispered that was the cute guy she had briefly been introduced to months before. That evening Greg and Meghan officially met and chatted about where they were from, what they did, and the like. They laughed together, shared stories and eventually exchanged numbers. They soon went on their very first date... which became their second date... which quickly became their third date. Dates upon dates, months upon months, the two fell head over heels for one another...

Meghan and Greg's engagement session was especially special to me, as Meg has been my best friend since we were literally 2 years old. I couldn't have hand picked a better guy to sweep my bff off her feet then Greg. He makes her so very happy and he is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. I can't wait for their wedding later this year where I celebrate with them as a bridesmaid!

I just adore these two...

Their engagement session took place in Long Beach , NY. The beach itself was so beautiful and there were dunes created all over the normally flat shore as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The boardwalk was washed away and in an effort to cleanup after the hurricane these piles of gorgeous white sand have been dumped on the beach and will eventually be flattened out." -Ashley Therese

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