04 July 2013

Travel Thursday: Santorini by Bit of Ivory Photography

"I had been dreaming of blue and white for the longest time, and Santorini was definitely a location on my travel bucket list. We took a private tour around the entire island, and it was really neat to hear some of the history.
* The lift was donated by a very wealthy Santorini family to help promote tourism. (Though the donkeys are still very much part of getting up the cliff.)
* The houses are painted white for very practical reasons-- it's more affordable. :)
* Everything is imported to the island from mainland Greece (food, animals, etc).
* Most of the blue dome churches are actually owned privately, by families.

And like most of my adventures, I bring back something from each place. So from Santorini, we have beautiful wool-embroidered pillow sleeves in our living room. -Chelsea of Bit of Ivory

Photo credit: Bit of Ivory Photography

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