04 September 2013

Cultural Wedding Inspirational Shoot Challenge

Our first inspirational shoot challenge earlier this year went so well that we have decided to host another one! I was toying with so many different ideas for this shoot - all so good! I had a really hard time trying to narrow down on one and pick the one that I feel would be a hit with the photographers (which is always a worry of mine with each challenge). Since we've recently added a Travel section to our blog, I figured that what better way to celebrate the new addition than to have a contest that combined both travel and weddings! So without further adieu, here is the next inspirational shoot challenge:

Bit of Ivory Photography // See more HERE.

To create a cultural wedding inspirational shoot based on a location of your choice. The location can be a region (The South in the USA) or a country (Mexico, India, or a country in Africa). If you have any questions regarding a location or culture, please email me.

Edit to add: We're looking for elaborate and detailed shoots. The more details, the better!

1. Submit an application/proposal outlining your concept and sharing with me your inspiration board by Sunday, September 22, 2013 (midnight PST). Only wedding photographers may apply. Part of the application is to include a mood/inspiration board. Be sure to create a collage of images that will serve as an inspiration board for concept your are proposing. 
2. My team and I will review all applications/proposals and select 5 proposals/concepts that we would like to see created. Winning applicants will then be notified by email by Monday, September 23, 2013.
3. Put together a team of wedding professionals who will help you bring your vision to life.
4. You will have until Friday, December 20, 2013 to complete and submit your entire shoot. No late submissions will be accepted. 
5. The 5 winning concepts will be featured on Monday, December 23, 2013.

6. Voting will take place until Monday, December 30, 2013. Winners will be announced Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

1. Only wedding photographers may submit an application/proposal.
2. Submissions must consist of at least 100-150 images but must not exceed 200 images. 
3. Shoot must be completed and submitted no later than Friday, December 20, 2013.
4. Shoot must have the following: bride/groom models, a tablescape (for at least 4 persons), a cake, a bouquet + boutonniere, an invitation suite (must consist of at least the invite + rsvp card), and at least 5. decor items that is unique to your selected culture/location. You are more than welcome and actually encouraged to have other details/elements not mentioned above (ex: other wedding stationary such as name/escort cards, bridesmaids/groomsmen, dessert table, party favors, and other decor). The more, the better!
6. Grand-prize winner will receive a one-year subscription to Two Bright Lights (photographer only) + one year sidebar ad on Le Magnifique for the photographer and up to 4 vendors from their team. A total prize value of $3,149.95.
7. 2nd-place winner and up to 4 vendors will receive a 6-month sidebar ad on Le Magnifique. A total prize value of $1,500.00. 
8. 3rd-place winner and up to 4 vendors will receive a 3-month sidebar ad on Le Magnifique. A total prize value of $750.00.
9. You are allowed to have more than 4 vendors collaborating on the shoot, however, only 4 will be eligible for prizes. Photographer must select the 4 vendors. 
10. The 3 winning teams will be determined by my team and I. Winning shoots will be selected based on the overall concept of the shoot and how well it was executed. The number of comments on each feature, total FB "likes" on the posts, and pinned images will also be taken into consideration (however, it is not a popularity contest).

***Not a requirement but we would LOVE to see foods that are popular in the culture used in the shoot!***

In order to participate in this contest, an application/proposal MUST be submitted in the timeframe given. No exceptions. Please enter ONLY if you are available to complete the challenge. Also, past shoots are will NOT be accepted. Shoot must take place during the allotted timeframe.

Teams are encouraged to share on their blog and favorite form of social media about their participation in the contest. Howeverno photographs of the submission may be published on any blog, including your own, or on any form of social media prior to publication on Le Magnifique. Publication prior to the unveiling of your concept on Le Magnifique will void your submission. 

Upon receiving complete concepts, if we feel that the concepts are lacking in certain areas and do not line up with what we typically feature on Le Magnifique, we reserve the right to reject the submission. Rejected submissions may be submitted elsewhere. Please keep in mind that if you are selected, it is because we loved your concept/ideas for the shoot AND after reviewing your portfolio, we feel that you would be best to carry out your concept. 

Lastly, please do not blog images from the shoot until AFTER the winners have been selected. Teams may blog about their feature on Le Magnifique, but again, may not post images from the shoot until after winners have been announced. 

We will email the winners when your concept has been blogged, and at that point, you are encouraged to tell the whole world about your shoot! :D

*Due to this being an exclusive styled shoot contest for Le Magnifique, shoots may not be submitted elsewhere after it has been featured on Le Magnifique*

Please email any questions about contest rules to damaris [a] lemagnifiqueblog [dot] com

Jose Villa  // Squaresville Studios via Burnett's Boards // Jason Tey Photography via Burnett's Boards

I love the travel inspiration shoots and boards Burnett's Boards has HERE.


Edit to add: 
- ONE proposals per photographer allowed. 
- Your shoot does not need to be in the ACTUAL location. It just needs to be believable. 

*If not enough proposals are submitted, this challenge will be postponed/cancelled. 

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