08 October 2013

Brussels Engagement Session by Rebecca Yale Photography

The detailed and incredibly gorgeous historical setting of this shoot so perfectly accent this joyous couple flirting through the streets of Brussels!  Rebecca Yale Photography ventured through these romantic city streets, beautifully capturing a perfect, timeless love.  The couples' dreamy story of meeting by chance and continuing a long distance love seems to be straight from a movie script, but it's oh so real!  Enjoy swooning over these lovely images; full of pretty buildings, a stellar wardrobe, and true and evident love gushing out through their joyous expressions.

Their love story: We met in New York in March 2010 when we caught each other’s eyes during a Man Man concert. Jean-Michel was supposed to go to the concert with a friend, who ended up having to work late, but he went along anyway alone. I invited him to join me and my friends, and we hit it off immediately. Within two dates we became inseparable. Six months later, Jean-Michel’s permit to stay in the United States expired, and he went back to Belgium. For the next three years we juggled between long-distance romance and moved between New York, Li├Ęge and London. We've finally settled down in Brussels!

The proposal: We were on holiday in Portugal. Jean-Michel proposed on my birthday during a jazz concert in the University of Lisbon's Botanical Gardens. Lots of vinho verde followed!

About their engagement session: It happened by chance! Rebecca (our photographer) and I were roommates in college, and has remained a good friend since. On her way to Paris to do some photo shoots, she decided to stopped by in Brussels to visit us. She took some photos of us - and just four days later, Jean-Michel proposed! So we consider these to be our engagement photos! There are perks to being friends with a very talented photographer!

Photo credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

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