22 October 2013

Desert Engagement Session by Jeremy Chou Photography

This desert engagement session has us longing for more beautiful sunshiney, windswept days. Jeremy Chou Photography ventured through the beautiful California desert landscape with this darling couple and together they created these breathtaking images. They're full of charm, personality, intriguing landscapes, and fantastic talents! We're loving the addition of the boombox to the shoot!  Enjoy!

Their love story: We met in our third year of college at UC San Diego. We were introduced to each other through our good friend Kelly Zee. One night at a dance on campus, I decided to show off my dance moves in front of the new girl. Little did I know that Christine grew up dancing jazz and ballet. I probably looked like a dork trying to bust out mediocre hip-hop moves but it made her laugh. From then on, we got to spend more time getting to know each other (dance class, cruising, randomly getting together between classes) . Before you knew it, everyone knew that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. After graduation, we both ended up working in Palmdale. Everything fell into place perfectly. We continued to learn from each other and grow stronger in our relationship which made our future clear. We knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together!

The proposal: I took Christine to Le Chene French restaurant for dinner on April 25th, 2013. To her it seemed like a random Thursday night since she had work the following day. We both dressed up really nice and headed to dinner. My roommate was in on the proposal so when Christine and I were at dinner, he helped set up my telescope in the backyard at home. After dinner, I drove Christine back to our place (on the way home she literally told me she thought that tonight I was going to propose at dinner! I stayed calm and casually said, "Oh no, sorry babe.") Of course by the time we got home, it was getting late and she wanted to get a good night’s sleep. Quickly, I told her that my roommate had a really cool project outside and that we should go check it out. She was reluctant at first because she was questioning why it couldn't wait till the next day (it was windy and cold out). I was able to lead her to the backyard and when we both stepped out of the house, we saw my roommate looking into the telescope at the big bright full moon. He said: “Whoa! You guys have to come check this out”. So I ran over and looked into the microscope and I said: “WOW Christine! This is so cool! You have to come see this!”. Christine was anxious and excited to see what the big deal was all about. As soon as she looked into the telescope viewer, she could see the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Of course I was already on my knee then and I quickly grabbed her hands. Yes, I was so nervous and so in love that I just grabbed both of her hands. I gave a speech about how I love everything about her and how I want to spend the rest of my life loving her. I pulled out the ring, (which was with me the whole night), and asked her to marry me. She said “YES!”. By this time, my roommate had a bottle of Champagne in his hand already and we toasted in celebration.

About their engagement session: We saw Jeremy Chou’s work and fell in love with his style of photography and how he captures emotions. After meeting with him at his studio, we were amazed at how much of himself he put into his work and how much he cared about his clients. He also gave us recommendations of cool places to have our engagement photo session. Christine and I ended up picking a place of our own out in the desert near where we live because we want to remember the time we spent here in Palmdale, CA. We were very lucky that the sun was out that day on September 24th, 2013. Jeremy suggested his favorite time to do the photo-shoot and we trusted his expertise. We decided that we wanted to have 2 types of outfits: a formal and a casual one. We searched through our entire wardrobe to select the outfits that we really wanted to wear. Christine and I both love music and dancing and we wanted to incorporate that into our pictures. As the sun was setting, I started a camp fire and we started making S’mores (Delicious of course!). Since Christine and I are really awkward when it comes to taking ‘posed’ photos, Jeremy was directing us throughout the whole process and made us look better than we could’ve ever imaged.

Photo credit: Jeremy Chou Photography // Formal Dress: Asos // Casual Dress: American Eagle 

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