28 October 2013

Farm Engagement Session by Carolina Lima Photography

We love this cute farm engagement shoot by Carolina Lima not just because we love the tones of these gorgeous photographs but also the feel of it.  Two love birds enjoying the sun together, relaxing next to each other and just being two happy people in the entire world. We love engagement photographs that radiate love and we can feel it through these charming photographs captured by Carolina Lima Photography. He holds her tight as she smiles thinking of him, she knows she is with the one, and their tribute to love is just beautiful and sincere.

Gracious horses, tall trees, one big barn,  two hearts beating in sync, swaying on the swing in the sun freely and happily.. and nothing else but love...This is our way of depicting pure bliss.

Their love story: It's a long story but it really was one of those "you just know it" kind of things. Cody and I met our freshman year in college and were friends throughout school. He was always in a relationship so I never thought much about it, but I remember thinking "if his girlfriend hadn't gotten there first, I could really see myself with liking someone like him." It wasn't until our Senior year that I really started to secretly crush on him. We had become better and better friends and I became the girl he confided in for all of his other "girlfriend" dilemmas. I tried dating another guy but deep down I could never shake my feelings for Cody and the "what if's". We went on to graduate college and lost touch for about a year. I had just ended my previous relationship, and one of our mutual friends invited me to come to an event uptown after work (Live After 5). Not sure if he'd be there, my hopes were certainly up! I arrived, butterflies and all, and sure enough there he was (of course surrounded by a crowd of girls just eating him up!) The next week I knew I had to step it up, so of course I dressed to impress, and two glasses of wine later I found the nerve to admit how much I crushed on him in college. The very next night he called me and wanted to hang out. Within a month it was very clear that we were more than friends! It was as he said "long overdue" but it was certainly worth the wait!

The proposal: The proposal was another "long overdue" moment, not because either of us wanted it to be, but because of pure timing. We, trying to be practical and savvy with our finances, decided to buy our first home (while rates were at a record low) before investing in a ring. Two months after moving in, we were very much surprised when we found out we were expecting our now sweet baby girl, Gracie! Being adamant that he not propose to me while expecting, and then wanting to wait until we regained consciousness from all of the sleep deprivation (comedic drum please), he was finally able to pop the question the following Summer. We were at the beach and were just finishing up one of our first real date nights since Gracie had been born. It was a beautiful night and I asked him to take my picture in front of a fountain out side of the restaurant. While snapping the shot, Cody pulled the ring out of his pocket. Teary-eyed and tongue-tied, he just stood there struck with nerves and emotion. I on the other hand began jumping with joy and didn't even notice that he hadn't really asked "the question" yet haha! Needless to say he finally asked (though not able to give the speech he had planned) and I very gladly said YES! (To this day, I still can't get the speech out of him - he still gets choked up haha!?!? Boys!)

Photo credit: Carolina Lima Photography

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