15 October 2013

Field of Flowers Engagement Session by Emily Dean Photography

This engagement session is such a dream! Seriously, what girl wouldn't love to frolic through a field of delicate blooming beauties with her soulmate?  And nothing greater than to be able to declare that "I have found the one whom my soul loves." Emily Dean Photography flawlessly created these light-hearted, flirtatious images to reflect a joyous couple with a sincere love. These luminous portraits give a taste of a true love story - be sure to read the more of their story and proposal directly from the beautiful bride-to-be!

Their love story: Ron and I have been together for three years now. We met our freshman year of college at the University of Alabama. For some time we were just friends and would hang out together on the weekends. Over the summer we would keep in touch. It was when we came back to school our sophomore year that we just clicked. We dated for several months before I met his family and he met mine. It is a coincidence that his extended family lives twenty minutes from my home town. It was christmas time that we met each other families. From that day forward we knew that we would be each others second halves. For the remainder years of college we were inseparable. We went to every Alabama football game together, every family vacation together, and we became best friends. We believe thats why our relationships has become the way it is, because we have truly became each others better halves. We then graduated together and moved to Atlanta where we will be getting married and starting the next chapter of our lives together.

The proposal: Ron proposed to me February 7, 2013. He is a big hunter and enjoys teaching me all about it. He had brought me out to this open field that was surrounded by trees. There was an old run down shed out out in the field with tall grass. He had told me he had to "site" in his rifle before putting it up for the season. So I agreed to go out to the property with him. Once we got out to the field he brought me out to where the targets were set up. He wanted me to shoot the rifle, but I was to cold and wanted him to hurry up. He finally convinced me and got me to look through the scope. Which is when I saw the writing on the target that said, "Will you Marry Me"? I turned to him and said, "Does that say what I think it says?" He then proceeded to get down on one Knee and brought out the ring. I was completely shocked and surprised that all I remember is saying yes and hugging him. He had his motion detector camera that captured all the pictures of the process of him getting down on his knee and me saying yes. He then proceeded to bring me down this path that led to a picnic with champagne, a dozen roses, and my favorite dessert. The bullet shells that I shot with have the date written on them so I have a keepsake of the day. It was the most perfect day a girl could ever dream about.

About their engagement session: Our engagement session truly was meant to be. One of my bridesmaids sent me a link to Emily Dean Photography where there was a contest for a free engagement session. I entered the contest, and a few weeks later found out I had won. I met with Emma and we shared the ideas that we had and set the day that we would do our engagement shoot. It was beautiful. Emma did such an amazing job and worked with Ron and I to get the best pictures any bride to be could ask for. The locations were perfect, the weather, and the friendship developed were all perfect. Ron and I had such an amazing time during the session that it has definitely become one of the most memorable experiences in our time planning the big event!

Photo credit: Emily Dean Photography

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