07 October 2013

Green Gate Ranch, San Luis Obispo Engagement Session by Danielle Capito Photography

Golden light floods through Bj and Brittney's images, highlighting gorgeous smiles and an incredible story.  These two lovebirds met in college, and continued a cute and flirtatious friendship for years.  Definitely read through their story - it's adorable!  Danielle Capito Photography photographed their love and we're swooning over the warm, soft light, the bright smiles, the adoring looks, and the close embraces.  Their country engagement portrays an enduring love, and that location - so beautiful!  Enjoy a peek into Bj and Brittney's engagement!

Their love story: Our first kiss was the moment we truly understood how in love we truly were. We fell in love in college. The way we fell in love was a dream come true for both of us. We met during our freshmen year and quickly became fast friends. At first we would simply text each other simple little messages. "how's your day going?" "fine"; then it quickly developed into playful arguments about whose celebrity crush was better. As the year progressed we started spending more and more time together. We would go out for smoothies, Baskin Robbins and Chipotle, but our first kiss cemented the way we felt for each other. On a Thursday night after playing a game of dodge-ball we were standing in the parking lot hugging. In many ways the hug was way too short but felt like an eternity. Our minds were going crazy with thoughts like "should i try and kiss her?", "should I kiss his cheek?", "how's my breath?", "what if I accidentally kiss her nose instead of her lips?". So nervous about messing up the kiss we said good night and started to pull away from the hug. Before she could walk away though, Bj grabbed Brittany's hand and said "wait", we pulled together and kissed. We continued to date and fall more in love with each other through college. After we graduated we dated long distance for three years as Bj took post-graduate classes to prepare for medical school. The distance was difficult, but every time we saw each other our passion would come back and we would spend our time together talking and laughing. Bj began to get more stressed out as the coursework required to be accepted into medical school became more rigorous. But every time he started to get scared or worried, Brittany would tell him a cheesy joke like "Why does an elephant paint his toenails red? So he can hide in a cherry tree!" Brittany's unique kind of support would always made him laugh, and made a world of difference to him. In December of 2012 Bj could not wait any longer! He had been saving up for a ring for three years and was determined to ask Brittany to marry him.

The proposal: "If she says no, I will just keep asking until she says yes."  That was all Bj could think about as he was driving to the spot he had picked out for the proposal. He proposed at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. It was a perfect day, with not a cloud in the sky. The resort was beautiful and green with fields of flowers. On the beach below the resort is a natural rock arch and that was the spot Bj picked out to propose. There were rose petals everywhere and oriental floating lanterns hovering over the sand. Brittany had no idea the proposal was going to happen that day. Her sisters had left the apartment they shared with Brittany early that day to "go to work" and her parents had decided to take Brittany with them when they decided to go to the beach. When Brittany arrived she saw Bj standing in the arch and she knew what was about to happen. She ran to him and they hugged and kissed. Bj said "Brittany. You make me so very happy and I love you so much. It would make me so happy to get to be the one that you teased on his 100th birthday when you were still 99 about how old I am getting." Then Bj got down on one knee and said "Brittany Lyn Rea will you marry me?" and she said YES! After slipping the sparkly ring on her finger we let a bunch of the oriental lanterns fly away and watched them as they drifted off into the night sky over Laguna Beach.

About their engagement session: We took our engagement pictures at Green Gate Ranch in San Luis Obispo. Because we live in Southern California we had to drive twelve hours that day, six hours there and six hours back, with traffic. Danielle was amazing, even though we arrived late she took the pictures of our dreams. She picked a location that was exactly like what we had imagined and she was really able to capture the moment. When we took our pictures we only had about forty-five minutes to get everything done that we needed to, including a wardrobe change and meeting each other, but she got everything done! The pictures turned out fantastic and we sigh every time we look at them.

Photo credit: Danielle Capito Photography

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