15 October 2013

Military Engagement Session by Brittanee Taylor Photography

The neutral tones of this shoot from Brittanee Taylor Photography - lovely tans, whites, and golds - really let the personality and charm of this couple shine through the images.  And the icing on the adorable cake is the pup!  Oh word, their dog is simply darling.  The setting, the laughter, the puppy bow tie, and lots of love make this session seriously swoon-worthy.  Enjoy!

Their love story: Nick and I met in 2004. He asked me to be his girlfriend in 2007. We were high school sweethearts. From 2007-2011 Nick was in the military so we spent most of our time away from each other. He was stationed in 29 palms and would drive home every weekend to see me. At such a young age put in such a difficult situation due to all our time apart and his 2 deployments, that where both 7 months long each we both matured faster individually and as a couple. We appreciated each other and the little time we spent together. In 2012 Nick's 4 year term ended and he came home for good. He proposed January 01,2012 and we will be getting married February 09, 2014. We’ve been through so many different situations but i don’t regret one because its made us exactly were we need to be. Unbreakable.

The proposal: In 2012 our New Year's Eve started off typical. Nick took me to a REALLY nice restaurant. ( I was wondering why it was nicer then the usual.) After dinner we went back to the hotel, that was also nicer then usual lol - I thought he was just feeling extra romantic that year. We laid in bed and watched the news together until it turned midnight gave each other a kiss and then I went in the bathroom to wash my face. When I came back Nick was in the middle of the room in what looked to me in between either a stretch or a split lol. He got hurt pretty bad snowboarding and was in a full leg brace. Before I realized what it was that he was doing he quickly pulled a little black box from behind his back and I when I seen the diamond I instantly started to cry. He asked if I would marry him, and words couldn't even come out of my mouth. I cried and hugged him for what felt like forever. I was starting my new year off with a beautiful ring and an amazing fiancĂ©.

About their engagement session: I talked with Brittanee a few weeks before the scheduled engagement session and i told her what i wanted but had no idea of a location. She sent me the name to a hiking trail in Beverly hills and it looked beautiful. I agreed and we met her there around 6:00 pm. When we got there and i saw the trees i fell in love. It was exactly what i wanted and explained to Brittanee. We took our dog because he is a huge part of our life and he was the perfect addition to our pictures. The night of the session Brittanee posted teasers and Nick and I just KNEW from that one picture the session came out amazing, we couldn't wait to see more. When we got all our pictures back I literally cried while scrolling through them. She captured every emotion and moment. She captured the love we have for each other and for our dog. They were PERFECT.

Photo credit: Brittanee Taylor Photography

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