29 October 2013

Netherlands Beach Love Shoot by Oh Beautiful World Photography

This 'just because' love shoot is all kinds of beautiful.  The joy and emotions captured in these images will make your heart smile!  We love the incredible simplicity of the landscape around them - open air and beautiful space make for the loveliest portraits - the slight wooden fence and the thick-knit white blanket are the icing on the cake.  Definitely read this couple's advice for other couples - there are some wonderful words of wisdom there!

Advice for couples: Talk. About everything. Talk about the things that bother you in life, talk about the things you love, talk about your dreams in life. If you can talk about anything than you can truly be yourself. We know everything from each other, have no secrets and no shame. We truly believe we are soul mates and can't imagine a life without each other.

About their shoot: Susan is a wedding photographer, so always at the other side of the camera. It was time to have some nice photo's together, so we asked Hanneke to do a loveshoot. We don't come at the beach often since it's at the other side of the country, but we love the feeling of freedom there. So we asked Hanneke to come to Katwijk, The Netherlands. It was a chilly day in November and the wind was very strong. It was cloudy, but sometimes the sun peeked through the clouds a little bit. In combination with the strong wind that blew through the sand of the beach, it looked like magic. Hanneke made us dance, kiss, play, laugh and feel the love. It's almost like a therapy session; so focussed on each other and really feeling the love and forget the everyday-stress... That's why I think everybody should do a loveshoot every once in a while. :)

Photo credit: Oh Beautiful World Photography

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