29 October 2013

Outdoors Engagement Session by Renee Nicole {Design and Photography}

We're absolutely swooning over the bright colors and the adorable snuggles of this shoot!  Renee Nicole {Design and Photography} created gorgeous images of this couple head over heels in love.  Just wait until you see the images with their colorful quilt - so cute!  This shoot is full of lovely details, and image after image will make you sigh.  Such a beautiful simple, wonderful love.  Be sure to Emma's description of her fiance Bryan and how he did his best to keep the proposal a secret!

The proposal: [From Emma’s point of view] It should be known that Bryan cannot keep secrets; which is actually a good thing long-term. That being said he did try to keep the proposal a secret. He would try to convince me that he was not coming to see my dance concert or my graduation; but he did let slip that he had bought plane tickets. I, being a bit of a detective, was on the lookout for more clues about the impending surprise visit. I was shocked when he showed up my dance concert! (I was under the impression he had a rehearsal in Atlanta for his Opera) But the concert came and went without any other surprises. Fast-forward a week, I had just finished my finals and was closing the rooms for housing, my good friend Hannah had invited me for a graduation dinner. There was not much suspicious about this dinner until we started heading past downtown….. Where were we going? Then my mini Sherlock started wondering why Hannah had taken me to get my nails done the day before? But we drove past the airport; we weren’t picking Bryan up or taking an impromptu flight… I let it go…. until we took an exit for Disney!! Now I knew Hannah wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner but this was a too much to be a graduation thing!! Hannah explained her way out of it, but I was on guard. We pulled into Epcot and I put on my spy face, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We started to head to the British area, nothing odd about that, but we did not stop, we pass country after country. I thought Hannah was lost until I heard singing nearby. I knew right away it was Bryan! It took me a moment to find him but then I spotted him on a small bridge in Italy! He was singing my favorite song the Barber of Seville! He asked me to marry him and be with him to infinity and beyond! After nodding and jumping and saying YES!!! I realized my mom was hiding nearby!! It was amazing and perfect and more than I could have ever imagined. Looking back I didn’t even remember it was raining! We all got dinner in the little Italian restaurant; Bryan explained that the song I loved from Barber was actually a wedding proposal in the Opera! I don’t speak Italian but I guess I just knew it was a good one!! [From Bryan’s Point of View] Emma was very good about dropping hints to help me know exactly how she wanted me to propose! She wanted a spectacle of sorts that made her feel like a princess and that related to our courtship. With a little Disney magic, I was able to deliver all of those things and more! I enlisted the help of one of Emma’s closest friends early on in the planning and with her help I was able to get Emma into Epcot for what she thought was a graduation dinner although really, it was for me to propose in the Italy Pavilion. The video that Emma’s mom captured of me pacing in a light drizzle on the bridge where I eventually proposed proves how anxiously excited I was while waiting for Emma and her friend to finally get around the park to where I was waiting. As soon as I could see Emma, I got up on the bridge and began to sing “Se il mio nome saper voi bramate” from Il Barbiere di Siviglia because that’s the show that I was in that she stage managed in Italy, and it was her favorite song form the opera. Since she doesn’t speak Italian, she didn’t realize at the time that the song is actually a proposal sung by Lindoro to Rossina, which made it even more appropriate and significant. As soon as she heard my voice, she knew it was me and walked quickly to where I was. I finished the song, and then knelt down while holding her hands. I got the ring out of my pocket and placed it on her hand as I asked her if she would marry me. Retrospectively, I realize I probably should have waited for the answer before giving her the ring, but I guess I knew she would say yes! After the proposal, Emma, her mom, her friend, and I were able to enjoy some delicious caprese and pizza at Via Napoli in the park before taking pictures then walking around until the fireworks in the evening. As I held Emma’s hand with her new ring while we watched the fireworks, I knew that I had provided Emma with the fairytale wedding she had always wanted and that we were just starting out on the road to happily ever after.

Photo credit: Renee Nicole {Design and Photography}

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