30 October 2013

Salt Creek Beach Wedding by Bethany Belle Photography

Let us depict this beautiful wedding captured by Bethany Belle Photography in a few words: romantic and charming.  The very first thing you will notice is the luxurious wedding gown which we can talk about for hours. Very detailed beaded embroidery, feathers of this elegant sweetheart gown made the bride look so ravishing! The bride also wore her very best accessory on her wedding day, her smile, which we are certain the groom highly appreciated! We loved the couple's creative vision of what their wedding should feature: tree bark stand with their initials, fabric flowers bouquets that will be such a great keepsake to evokes so many beautiful memories, mini favor bags embellished with lace and flowers. Simply charming! And the last but not the least, we would like to say how much we love the photograph of the bride and the groom holding each other so tenderly and smiling. What a scene to make our hearts melt...

About their wedding: My wedding day was without a doubt the most amazing day of my life and the entire experience from the first moment of planning until we left for our honeymoon was an experience that I wish I could live over and over again for the rest of my life! I had so much fun planning the wedding with my bridesmaids and friends, we spent hours and weeks and months working on every detail. I wanted to hand make everything that I possibly could and looking back I don't know how we were so ambitious but it all ended up getting done and coming together just how I imagined it! The style I was going for was somewhat vintage/rustic but also incorporating our beautiful beach setting. We wanted the entire ceremony and reception on the beach and I'm SO glad we made that decision! My bridesmaids and I handmade all the bridesmaid dresses and this definitely ended up being one of my favorite details - we bought fabrics to go with our vintage style and the girls looked absolutely beautiful in the final products :) We also spent weeks making fabric flowers, I chose to have all fabric flower bouquets and centerpieces, and my bouquet turned out exactly how I wanted it. Both of my grandmothers gave me brooches to include in my bouquet so it's a really cool keepsake now that I get to have forever. My mother made our wedding cake which was also very special, and ultimately it was having so many friends and family members involved in helping me that made the experience so extremely enjoyable. After all the planning, my wedding day finally arrived and I spent the morning getting ready with my bridesmaids, sisters and mom at the beautiful Blue Lantern Inn. My husband and I chose not to see each other before the wedding, so we did some cute "not seeing each other" pictures beforehand and I got to experience that most amazing moment of turning to walk down the aisle and seeing him for the first time that day. It was by far one of my favorite experiences of my life to walk down the aisle to him with the beautiful ocean as our backdrop. My husband Chris is a musician and had arranged a song that he sang to me while he played guitar which was also one of the best moments of the day! Once we were pronounced husband and wife, everyone was able to make their way just steps across the beach over to the reception area for party time! The sun couldn't have possibly set in a more gorgeous way that night, and with the light canopy that we had over our reception area the ocean and beach surrounding us made the most magnificent and enjoyable atmosphere for us and our guests! It's too hard to pinpoint all the moments that made the reception so special, but the best man and maid of honor speeches were definitely a highlight that had everyone cracking up, the food was superb and I only wish I had eaten more of it, and the memories we made on the dance floor with each other and with our family and friends will always be cherished!

Photographer: Bethany Belle // Venue: Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, CA // Wedding Dress: Ysa Makino // Bridesmaids Dresses: handmade // Food: Country Garden Caterers

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