01 October 2013

Summer Anniversary Shoot by Laura Goldenberger Photography

We say love is in the way we touch, in the way we hold hands, in the look we look at each other.. Love is not just about our favorite things to do together, but also in the way we fill each and every day with finding out what those days of love are.. 365 days of love is what this sweet couple counts. Maybe it's 365 of fun, 365 days of endless bliss, 365 days of moments so dear, 365 moments to share..  And that is how they measure their lives together..

The summer is when when love blossoms most.. Love that is filled with aromas and sweet strawberries on the table, love letters and cuddling by the tall tree where kisses are sweeter, touches are gentle and every sound is like the sweetest music to their ears... The softness she puts into saying she loves him when they hold each other, the way he holds her hand as they walk together, the way they measure their lives in love is beautifully photographed by the talented Laura Goldenberger.

We absolutely love how whimsical this shoot is, how much love this sweet couple put into creating their little world filled with things they love so much and the most adorable cake decorated with strawberries and a charming banner! And we certainly won't blame you if you get inspired by this lovely shoot and decide to start counting your days of love with one you are with!


From Laura: Addy & Kris wanted to celebrate their 1 year with an anniversary session. Addy loved her dress so much she wanted to wear it one more time! They bought their absolute favorite cake, macaroons, brought their wedding invites & cake topper, a flag from their school and a little Golden Gate Bridge to remember tying the knot in San Francisco. We had a great time enjoying the beauty and sunshine in Malibu Creek State Park. Addy & Kris are so sweet together, you can tell they’ve had an amazing year! I thought this was such a great idea to celebrate 365 days of LOVE!

Photo credit: Laura Goldenberger Photography

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